Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

"The Customer is always right"

So this guy buys one of our giftcards, and Kayla made the cards, so she had to deal with the guy that was having problems.

[22:45] That Guy: hey ur gift card isnt workin

You can tell right off the bat that this guy is a genius. I hate AOL speak

[22:46] Kayla Stonecutter: My gift card? where?
[22:46] That Guy: for were wolf
[22:47] Kayla Stonecutter: Oh, you mean a WereHouse gift card.
[22:47] That Guy: yea
[22:47] That Guy: sorry to trouble u
[22:47] Kayla Stonecutter: Do you have the card worn?
[22:48] That Guy: i did wont give me instructions
[22:48] That Guy: keep gettin script error
[22:48] Kayla Stonecutter: what's the error?
[22:49] That Guy: says the were house gift card v1.2-3000
unable to give inventory no item named gift card usage
[22:50] Kayla Stonecutter: Hmm, either Jakkal messed up on the instructions
when making the knew cards, or someone took them out. What store are you at?
[22:51] That Guy: can i tp u
[22:51] Kayla Stonecutter: Just tell me where you ate.
[22:51] Kayla Stonecutter: are*
[22:51] That Guy: therianation
[22:52] Kayla Stonecutter: There should be a sign you can touch on the left
side of the store for the instructions.
[22:53] That Guy: none work
[22:54] Kayla Stonecutter: ok, I'll send you the instructions.

From Kayla:
Turns out Jakkal didn't have a sign, I just remembered wrong. So I send him
the instructions directly. Found out later Jakkal renamed the notecard, so
the script couldn't find it to give. Also remembered later that the
instructions are inside the folder they recieve when buying the card.

I didn't know I couldn't rename them, but that's why they are included in the folder, just to make sure they have it. He would have seen them when he put the card on.

[23:16] That Guy: ok now i really screwed up
[23:17] Kayla Stonecutter: how?
[23:18] That Guy: ended up gettin gift card with 6000
on it

From Kayla:
Notice that on the error message he sent earlier it says '3000', which means
it comes with L$3000 already.

[23:19] Kayla Stonecutter: You mean you put 3000 into it?
[23:20] That Guy: yea
[23:20] That Guy: gezzzzzzzz
[23:20] That Guy: now i dont want any of it
[23:21] Kayla Stonecutter: You don't want the card anymore?
[23:22] That Guy: no maam sorry
[23:24] That Guy: can i send u card for my money back
[23:25] Kayla Stonecutter: There's a sign right next to the gift cards that
says they can't be exchanged for L$.
[23:26] That Guy: just another way to stel peoples noney
[23:26] That Guy: ill tal to sl
[23:26] That Guy: is a scam is what it is

Here comes the bullshit. That's why those signs exist! For the love of god, READ THE STUFF before you buy shit!

[23:26] Kayla Stonecutter: scam? you didn't have to buy the card.
[23:27] That Guy: and u should have better explanations

This coming from a guy that types like an idiot. I don't think I could possibly dumb my stuff down enough. Or maybe I need 2 tyep like dis.

[23:27] Kayla Stonecutter: Explainations of what?
[23:28] That Guy: ill let sl handle it tired of gettin
scammed by vendors

Yeah, feel free to AR us. And when the Lindens (which they won't) come to check us out, they'll see the signs and instructions you didn't bother reading!

[23:28] Kayla Stonecutter: What scam? The cards work in the vendor to get
an avatar.
[23:28] That Guy: aint no dam vendor there

He just bought an avatar, and he says there are no vendors? wtf?

[23:29] Kayla Stonecutter: There are vendors right in the center rear of
the store.
[23:29] That Guy: yea for stuff for 1200
[23:30] That Guy: aint a dam thing there i want for under
[23:30] Kayla Stonecutter: Not all avs are 1200
[23:30] Kayla Stonecutter: some are more
[23:30] That Guy: i checked didnt see any
[23:31] Kayla Stonecutter: Most avs are 1200 for Advanced versons, 800 for
Standard. There are other avs, mostly in the Full Prim section, that are
over 2k.
[23:31] Kayla Stonecutter: If you buy an av for less than the gift card,
you don't lose the rest, only the amount of the av is removed from the card.
[23:32] That Guy: it didnt even take the 1200 off dam

From Kayla:
Jakkal checks her records and sees he bought an av himself about 10 minutes
after I sent the instructions, so I knew what had happened.

[23:33] Kayla Stonecutter: You don't pay into the vendor to use the card,
as the instructions I sent you say, you just touch the main display of the
vendor while wearing the card to redeem it.

I told Kayla at this point, since he was the one that actually bought the card, and put the extra money on it, that we'd just pay him back if he gave us the card.

[23:37] Kayla Stonecutter: Ok, I just talked to Jakkal, send me the card,
I'll confirm that it has 6k in it, then repay you.

From Kayla:
Got the card, confirmed amount, repaid.

[23:39] That Guy: ty
[23:39] Kayla Stonecutter: You're welcome.
[23:40] That Guy: sorry i got down on u but i get up
set when i end up on losin end

Then READ!

[23:40] Kayla Stonecutter: Next time, please read the instructions a bit
more before using something.
[23:40] Kayla Stonecutter: Might also help not to accuse someone of
scamming right away.
[23:41] That Guy: would b more helpful if somebody was
there for questions if u dont understand

Because we all want to sit around in the store, getting nothing done because someone isn't willing to read the instructions.

[23:43] Kayla Stonecutter: Sorry for the trouble, take care.
[23:43] That Guy: ty u to

Thank god the guy bought a gift card and not an avatar. At least the card he can give us to pay him back. When this happens with avatars (nontransferable), they're SOL and pitch a huge fit.

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