Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

We have the Wii!

I'm now going to disappear from the face of the 'net.

Edit: We have been playing WiiSports this whole time. I can say that, yes, the controllers DO WORK. And I'm sweating like crazy after beating up Uath in WiiBoxing. I can say that the remotes are a lot easier to use than I expected, that or WiiSports is programmed to help newbs. It's also a lot easier on your hands and wrists than a traditional controller.

The only thing I don't like, the wiimotes are powered by double A batteries.

WiiBowling is awesome. WiiTennis is a lot of fun. WiiGolf sucks (Actually I sucked, the game was fine), WiiBoxing was ... strenuous, (Maybe I was trying to hit Uath too hard or something), and neither one of us could figure out Baseball.

Okay time to play some real games.

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