Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

After begging bowtie to get the stand set up for a month, and then finding out the tank had a leak, finding it, figuring out how to fix it, Finding out the tank doesn't have a leak, but the plastic part around the bottom had water in it, testing it, three times, and then the setup ... I've finally got the 55 gallon up and running!

And as I promised, Kappa gets the tank all to himself for a while! I would have given it to Alpha, but he seems happy in his 5 gallon. Plus he's a dick. Kappa seems slightly less dickish.

Can't see him in this pic, he's hiding behind that reef looking thing on the left. I need to take that thing out (It's ugly) and get some plants for it.

There he is on the left. He's probably thinking "OMG I shrank!" That or "I won the superbowl!"

"I'm ready for my closeup..."

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