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Why is everyone so intent on being so mean? Why are people so goddamn immature today? And why do people whine when they don't get their way? Hey that rhymed, but that's not the point. I'm sure some of you already know what I'm writing about, it has to do with a forum and the OBVIOUS schizm between it's participants and the inability to see right and wrong. Once again I see two common themes rearing their ugly heads on the 'net. Belligerence and the lack of self esteem, and worse of all, Intelligent users with absolutely no common sense.

So a thread gets mauled to hell by people screaming, bitching, whining and moaning because ONE single MEMBER didn't post PROOF. So what's worse, someone that doesn't post proof or a few people that pose several posts of immature name calling and "Prove it, Oh you can't prove it, so you suck. Look at me, I'm so cool because I called you on your bullshit. Let me post a few more times to get that high feeling that my penis lacks in RL." Ok, that's taking it too far.

What the fuck ever. You want to force people on a forum to prove their points, do it in another thread. If they don't post proof then I think the others will see they're not worth the effort of reading the posts of said person. If you want to WIN your side of the ARGUMENT don't make things WORSE by being a bigger idiot than the other guy.

Some of us actually see online belligerence for what it is -> Bullshit. And what's worse, it's bullshit hiding behind the shield of "logic". I see through the shield, and I DON'T like what I see.

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