Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

To my loyal legion of nerds!

I need some advice on buying a monitor. Please note, that I'm a graphic artist, not a gamer. I don't care about gamer stuff, so don't suggest something that's great for gamers but will suck for someone that needs to see fine detail in no-motion. So really, I don't care about videos, gameplay, and stuff like that. I need crisp, clear graphics that don't have any colors washed out. (I've noticed, and others have pointed this out as well, that on bad LCD monitors, reds get washed out.)

Seeing BT on some LCD monitors, I can attest to this, as Lore's hair color is a lemon yellow on some LCD's, when it should be a golden color. After seeing my artwork on some LCD monitors, I see where people are coming from in that my artwork doesn't look up to par or doesn't look as realistic as what other people say. (Unfortunately, there's really nothing I can do about that. If I can't see problems I can't fix problems. Turn your brightness down :P)

Anyway I'd like to get an LCD monitor. I'm looking at something in the ViewSonic line. It will be very difficult to get me away from ViewSonics, as I've been using them for several years now, they've never let me down, and I've actually seen their LCD quality in the store (which is the very reason I'm willing to give an LCD a try over another CRT).

If I have my facts straight: I'd need something with a high contrast ratio, but this is not always regulated so it's hard to use it as a determining factor. DVI is good and I want it (And yes my video card does support it). I need something with a pretty good resolution (The viewsonic does 1600x1200 and that suits me fine).

Here's what I'm looking at getting:

ViewSonic's Info:

And a review:

Note the pricetag. That's my concern. I figure I'll be getting a couple of hundred bucks for Xmas, so I'd use that towards the purchase of the monitor. If anyone has a recommendation for a similar, cheaper monitor, I'm game. I'd need to see them in RL before I'd be serious about buying it. I need to make sure that my artwork comes out looking like I want it to, and not become a slave to what the monitor can handle. I am willing to pay the price for ViewSonic quality and name. But a similar performing monitor would suit me just as well.

Reviews and advice would be appreciated.

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