Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

It's a SIGN!

Wow, you know how people see Jesus in muffins and the Virgin Mary in overpass grime and grilled cheese sandwiches?! Well it's finally happened to me!

I thought about selling this, rare, precious thing on Ebay. But then I realized it was too good to let go. I, hoping my heart was in balance, devoured it!

What is this thing I speak of?! You'll hafta Read on!

There, at the bottom of my bowl of Doritos, I see it, the glorious TRIFORCE!

Just look at it in its nacho cheese perfection! With this I could have the power of the goddesses... that or heartburn. It's hard to tell the difference!

I couldn't resist though. While it looked remarkably like the triforce, it was nary more than regular baked Doritos. Note the doritos were baked, not me. It was quite tasty.

Seriously though, it was in the bowl like that, I didn't doctor it or move it or anything. I thought it would make a great, funny LJ entry.


No, I haven't taken any drugs.

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