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How to abuse another person's creative effort

My friend shadowsmyst and I were discussing people who steal our creative effort. That is to say, that both of us are Webcomic artists. We both have our own created races and species and stuff. We've noticed that a lot of people have yoinked our terminology for their own characters (Without really knowing or caring where the term originally came from and what it really means for that species/race).

First example, she found a really really bad CS for a "Kinsmir" character. A Kinsmir is a specific being from her webcomic Shifters that is a werecreature/vampire hybrid. A lot of people compare them to White Wolf's "Abomination" or that really twinky totally unrealistic guy from the Underworld movies (Without the suck). But naturally a lot of people just take the term to mean "vampire/wereanimal hybrid" which isn't factual.

Shadowsmyst just sent me her explanation for Kinsmir: The word Kinsmir is actually an insult/slang in the Shifters universe used to describe an abberrant creature that is created when a person with the shifter gene contracts vampirism (LTV virus variant B) before their first shift, but then shifts durring the vampiric transformation before it is compeleted creating a creature that is neither vampire, nor shifter, but with aspects of both. This must occur while the Dark Star is in power, otherwise the transformation will fail and the person will either become a pure vampire, or die as a shifter.

But here's what she sent me. And I shall comment on this character in bold.

Rp Character
Name: Zeros Flame, Flamey, Flame, Zeros, etc I shall dub thee FLAAAAYYYMING! Because this is oh so ghey.

Race: Kinsmir, Tiger demon, Fire demon, Earth demon, Wolf-Tiger Demon Hybrid, and Human Boy... your mother really got around.

Gender: Male Why not Male, Female, Male-Female Hybrid, Neuther, Herm? I mean c'mon. Compared to Race this one is a little lackin' there, buddy.

Age: unkown Read: He hasn't figured out how to count yet.
Height: 6'4" (30'5" in Zeros omega true form) Omega... true.... form... ... They asked for his character height, not your e-dick size.

Weight: 190 Whoa there. Anorexic much? So he's a mean... lean... demon? Anyone else wonder if he stays the same weight when he's in his "Omega True Form"? Wouldn't that be a hoot to watch.

Blood type: demon and human both type OB That's it? Again, little disappointing there, bucko. I'm surprised it's not make of LIQUID SCHWARTZ!

Hair: Red in Zeros Flame and all transformations Flaaaayming!

Eyes: Red in human and flame blood red in omega form Visine could take care of that.

Weapons: Shikijin of inferno, Sol of the sun, Lunos of the moon and A mystic gautlet called "Chi-Toku-Kougake" Fart of the Ass, Blow of the cock, You know, the usual assortment of twink weapons.

Powers: The Elements (prefers fire) Darkness Light and Dragon Zomg! The elements! He's going to destroy us all with Noble Gases and Valence electrons!

Hand to hand combat: Ai mute Shodokahn (modified), Ro-Ringu Yaiba-Genkotsu (roling blade-fist), Rage, several sword wielding and defense styles, some vampire tchniques(like flight invisiblilityetc), and Kung Fu I don't think I could come up with a better word than "Tchniques" to describe this. Infact, upon reading this my initial reaction was "Tch..." And you all know that I have to comment that "He knows Kung-Fu..."

Morphing: Can shape shift in to any male being and Changes to his most powerful Zeros Omega (a giant tiger demon). Also on full moons he turns human for three days. If he changes into another race(vampire,other demon, were animal,etc) he will become part whatever race
Everyone! Drop your pants and moon him just to see what happens! I'm sure becoming human is nothing more than a pity party plot device. And I'm sure that the moon is never full when he needs his godawesomeuberbadasstwink powers


Next, my turn. I draw the webcomic Black Tapestries. In it, we have humans, demons and Kaetif. Kaetif are a created race of anthropomorphic animals. They are not regular "furries" or generic anthros. They have specific traits about them. They have their own culture. Not to mention the whole world that they come from is very specific. They are not uber, better than humans, or anything silly like that. Infact, they suffer from a lot of problems that domesticated animals suffer from (Such as many dog breeds suffer from specific problems because of how they were bred).

In any case, I've caught people using "Kaetif" to mean "Generic Anthro". Kaetif are from the world of Raekarta, which is your standard sword and sorcery world. No guns, very limited technology, lots of magic, Kaetif don't have magic. Kaetif and Humans hate each other.

Name: Katie (she likes to go by Kat) Of course she does. That makes her soooo not human. Obviously that's cool.
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Race:* Kaetif/Were Wait, what? Here I thought my main comic character Lorelei was the only one. Silly me for thinking I had control over my creations.

I don't know why she put so many stars in the CS. Maybe she thought it make it look newer and more sparkly. Either way it's hard to read by itself. I'm sure my comments won't help.

Appearence:* Tall, maybe 6'5".* Walks on the balls of her feet.* She looks like a leopard furry.** Semi-long black shaggy hair.* She keeps it tied back, but her bangs sometimes hang in her eyes.* Ears are both pierced twice with gold loops and left one has an additional loop in it.* Emerald green cat eyes.* She wears a tanktop that's black.* Kat has two silver bands that wrap around her upper left arm and one on her right.* *Muscular build.* Not quite body builder but close.* (She sounds like a steroid chick.* :-/) (Is that not what you were going for?)

But feministic, somehow. (Because Uber ripped muscles are soooo feminine.)

* Ripped shorts down to her knees.* They're torn and tattered.(Yes, that is what ripped means.)

* An emerald stone pendant hangs around her neck.* (We're all certain that this is some kind of Mary Sue device...)

Weapons:* Claws and teeth.* She is also quite cunning. (Pity the Mun Isn't)

* A Soviet thingy gun strapped to her back.* (A... soviet... thingy... gun... Cunning, right. I suppose all the other players have to pretend she's cunning and clever when she refers to her weaponry as "Soviet Thingy Guns." Not to mention, where do Soviets live on Raekarta?? Oh right, I don't have control of my own world either.)
Big pistol revolver and another smaller pistol. (Uhm... Guns on Raekarta, what?)* I dunno what it is.* (Of course not, There are no guns on Raekarta!)

History:* Actually she was a human first. (Of course she was. This explains her obvious distaste for humanity, her cutsie nickname, her Kaetif species, and what she refers to people as "Those humans" as if she were never part of the race)

* Petite skinny little thing, weakling.* (This lends well to her becoming an uber Kaetif badass and well on her way to Mary Suedom)

Constantly picked on too by the other children.* (Are you writing about your character or you?)

She maintained a gruff outside but was still frail. (We are rolling our eyes now)

* She became deathly sick.* (Oh the noes! She has to become even more weak so the poor misguided girl accepts her life as a kaetif!)

With her state even weaker now she still tried to be strong.* (Cue the soap opera repetitive background music)

She left her presumed deathbed and wandered around in the woods until her fever brought her down. (Pity it didn't kill her if she was "Sooooo weaaakkk." Because people that weak and on their deathbeds just get up and walk away, yup.)

* A Kaetif is a furry/animal race that is not respected by the humans at all. (Obviously you're one of those humans that doesn't respect them.)

* Anyways, a kaetif, shaman of sorts found her and took her to his village. (A kaetif... shaman... ... ... Do you even read BT? Or did you just steal the term Kaetif cuz you thought it was better than "Furry". And you forgot to mention that Kaetif hate humans too. He shoulda put her out of his misery!)

* He had been experimenting about kaetifs to change shape to disguise themselves to the humans magically. (Of course he has. Cuz aaaalllll Kaetif have maaaaaggggiicccc)

* He cared for her and studied her essence. (He commited seppuku shortly thereafter.)

* He magically installed (Like Best Buy does for car stereos) a kaetif essence in a emerald stone pendant and wanted to see if she would look like a kaetif, but not become one. (Of course he could do all this other uber shit but he'd fuck this up, that would happen to benefit the character for the sake of the player)

* She actually became more of a kaetif than human. (What? You're either HUMAN or KAETIF how can you be MORE OR LESS than the OTHER?)

* She actually was changed and obviously couldn't return to her village.(Because those people obviously cared so much for her in her human and weakened state)

* Katie stayed in her village (You just said she couldn't go back!) and predominantly abandoned humans ways(Because Hyoomahns are ICKY. Cooties, Cooties!) with the way they treated her. (Of course she did. Down with the ebil hyoomans, the Kaetif are sooo much better. Brainwashed, what?)

* Kat became a skilled and high-ranking kaetif warrior/officer in the army. (Obviously because all Kaetif are so badass and uber that they automatically make awesome officers without even trying. We call them "Speshul Ops!" That's cunning for you! Makes you wonder why they continue to let those damn humans treat them like shit!)

Ability:* Feline abilities, immense strength (Licks ass. Jumps on countertops, Shit smell destroys all, Uses litterbox when convenient..)

Advantages: senses, speed, strength,etc. (*Whatever the mun thinks of here that will be plot convenient.*)

Disadvantages:* Every new moon (Read: Hee, I'm so cunning by making my character shift on the NEW moon instead of the FULL moon like everyone else! she actually changes back into her human state (Oh god no, the torture!) which is the complete opposite of her kaetif appearence. Wouldn't that make her... male?* She stays that way beginning when the new moon rises until the next moonrise.* Much to her displeasure. (Humans baaaaad!)* Short, skinny, weak.* Long blonde hair. Because Blonde hair is such a disadvantage

* Kat is also quite moody.* * * (Much like the creator of Kaetif after reading this garbage)

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think I have discovered the sincerest form of insult. The poor Kaetif. The poor Kinsmir.

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