Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Merry Xmas!

I know I'm a little late. This year I bought the household a new 42" Plasma HDTV. It's so cool seeing it sit on the wall. Now I fear the mens will destroy it with the Wii.
I bought Bow a new computer. Dunno what the specs on it are but he's been using the same comp for the past 5 years or something, so he needed a new one. He built it himself from parts we got at TigerDirect. And I bought Uath a steak. Heheh.

As for me? I didn't get anything. Well, I take that back, wysiwyg sent me a personal steam inhaler for my sinuses, and some very lovely metal figurines, and a wooden wolf cutout/carving. Very cool. Though, I hope I never need to use the inhaler!

But yeah, that's all I got from others this year. I'm going to buy myself an xmas present (The monitor) as I watch after Xmas sales pop up and hope I can find it at a good price. I notice they're out of stock on New Egg, but Tiger Direct still has them.

On SecondLife, I gave everyone in our store's group the opportunity to pick up an Xmas present. It was a $300L gift card to our stores. To me, it's not really that much. To everyone else, it's like a fortune. In USD terms, it's worth around $1 I'd guess. Well we gave away 89 of them :) That's $26,700L = $96 USD. Of course I look back at that number and wonder how the hell I can afford that, and then I remember that's just gift cards I'm giving away and not money I'm actually paying. But everyone seemed to really like the gift and I think they were surprised to see a gift card worth that much.

And I knew I was on the right track when I started getting people PMing me demanding that I invite them to the group and their friends. Okay so let's get one thing straight here. The group has always been open, the information is on the notecard of all the avatars. We don't make anyone join it, mostly because we don't want to spam them with store information, new products or updates unless they want to hear it, that's all the group is really for. For one day I set it closed so only the people who joined the group voluntarily would get the gift card, and that's when other people started to care they weren't in it. So sorry, you missed out. This isn't an invite only group and you don't automatically get in because you bought an av. This was my gift to the people of the group, not a payment to everyone that's bought an av.

No Christmas is right without internet drama.

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