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Got the new monitor

This thing is massive, it's a lot bigger than I expected, which is good considering the price paid for it.

I can see everything a lot easier on this thing, and text is a lot clearer. I honestly think my old monitor was the cause of headaches I'd been getting constantly. I no longer see the little waves of death (Which no one else could see apparently).

It came with some pretty spiffy software so I could tweek the color settings to whatever I needed. So Lore's hair started out lemon yellow, but now it's a rich golden.

So far I love it. I was a little worried about the cost of this and worried that I wouldn't be satisfied. All worries have been effectively eliminated. ViewSonic rocks :)

(And I Love having so much space on my desk.) Now I just need to get a wallmount and it'll be poifect :D
Tags: monitor xmas

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