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More SL fun

I got an IM from someone today. It wasn't mean or malicious or annoying. The guy asked pretty nice. So why am I posting this?

He wants me to attach his bits to his tail because there aren't enough attachments points available, and he wants to wear his cock, tail and something or other else. He wasn't too clear. But he wants me to attach his bits.

I've got in my profile two things that this guy would have to ignore to ask me this. #1. I don't do custom work. I just don't have time for it, and I've been burned so many times by people who didn't get something they thought was absolutely 100% perfect, that I just don't like to deal with it. #2. I have specifically in my profile info "Do not contact me at all about bits." (Or something to that effect)

Again, one of the problems I have with the furry community is this whole social atmosphere where ... sex and sexualy are so prevalent that you can walk up to any stranger (As long as they're a furry) and discuss it with them as if it's not taboo at all. You know if Furries like that, that's fine, they can do whatever they want. Don't bring it to me, I want no part of that. This is one of those reasons I don't want to be associated with the fandom.

I am *SO* not comfortable with the sex thing that goes on in the furry community, nuh uh, at all, nope, period. Having random furries, strangers, people I've *NEVER* talked to before asking me about this stuff *REALLY* bothers me. And I hate that, for them, it's such a norm that they think they can just PM me about it, out of the blue. I have to wonder if they'd do this if they knew I'm not a furry, or if they thought I was a regular human type (Cuz the humans on SL run around with cocks on too, it's just not soo open and obvious with them as it is with furries).

I'm tempted to write him back and tell him, "Sorry, I'm an asexual, non furry female. I have no idea where your bits go. I'd probably put them on your head."
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