Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Whew, 5 hours of gameplay...

And that's a lot for someone like me with the gamer attention span of a goldfish. Uath and I decided to play the fox people on Vanguard, mages too. They're kind of cute, but they're real short. It was fun.

I can't really give anyone a real comparison with other MMOs because as I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday was my first experience with an MMO at all. For record's sake, I've never played any warcraft game, I didn't even know Wow was any kind of sequel. I kind of wondered why they just expected you to know shit about the background, but thems the breaks.

In Vanguard I kept running from enemies I didn't feel like fighting, the same thing that got me killed in Warcraft. In Vanguard it's the same way, you can get hit if you run, and the enemies will chase you, but you get speed options and you can get away. This is Zelda gameplay kicking in for me, I don't sit there and fight monsters that will just waste my time, I Run around them. Of course in Zelda they have to actually contact you, not be 30 ft away. A Zelda MMO would kick so much ass... But anyway, the funny thing is, I"d run from these enemies and they'd start attacking Uath. So then I'd hafta run back and save his ass.

Oh and if you play fox people (Or that wood elf race that starts there too), don't jump from the trees. Yeah. Unless you planesshift. Otherwise you'll die, and it's funny.

A friend and I might try Wow again later, He used to play Wow a long time ago, so he's kinda familiar with it, but doesn't remember everything about it. We'd both start out with brand new characters and try to figure it out together. I think that helped with Vanguard. On Wow, the guy I knew was a level 50orsomethingorother and was too busy casting all the twinkpowers instead of really showing me the ropes. He didn't know I've never MMO-ed before tho. I'm a console whore, not a PC Whore. And I'm not going to ask him to play a level 1 character when I know he's now trying to get his up to 70.

I learned the Diplomacy skill and the Artifactor skill in Vanguard today. Both are insanely complex. I'm still not totally sure how the diplomacy works, even tho I kept winning. (It's a card game). I think the internet could use such a game for all disputes, it'd be way more fun ;)

So anyway, I'm going to give Wow another chance, tho I doubt I'll keep it. I just don't think it's worth $15 month, and I don't have a lot of free time to mess with it. Though Wow did last longer than Morrowind, which was summarily uninstalled within 10 minutes of playing. I started out extremely unimpressed with WoW because of all the difficulty I had installing the stupid game. So naturally when you go into something expecting to hate it, every little thing sets you off.

Getting a ridable dragon or gryphon on Vanguard just sounds damn cool though, and that's my goal for that game.

Oh and for those of you wondering, I got Vanguard here: http://www.direct2drive.com/6/2375/product/Buy-Vanguard:-Saga-of-Heroes-(Pre-Order)-Download

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