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SO is finally back up!!

Yay, it's been over a year that SO croaked, and we finally FINALLY got it back up after so many fucking server problems. OY. Sometimes I just think these domains are cursed. Hopefully SO won't die anytime soon (I hope I hope).

In any case, you can check it out at http://www.shifters.org . I know I know, it's using the horribly overused and complicated phpnuke script. I set this up because I'm giving SO to Blackwolf to admin. He doesn't have time to go through any htmlish bullshit and this was just the easiest thing I could think of to set up with everything we want on it. I did a little updating to SO's information, and added some new terms. Yes I'm a sinner, I know, I made new terms for weres. Oh well, more on why I did that later.

Had some enlightening convos on IRC tonite. I might post them on SO as they were therian in nature.

That's all for now, Imma going to bed.

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