Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Welcome to another Edition of Don't Do This™.

Yep, you guessed it, another one on SL.

I think this guy might be an admin of "FurPleasure" which is, yep, a furry sim on SL. AT least he tried to come across as one at the end of the log (Which I'm not going to post cuz it has nothing to do with this entry).

[0:48] InquisitiveType: (Saved Tue Jan 23 17:21:39 2007) Are you on here?

I really need to learn not to reply to questions that aren't specific

[1:06] Jakkal Dingo: Sometimes ;)

Felt like answering like a smartass

[4:20] InquisitiveType: sometimes?
[4:20] InquisitiveType: =D
[4:22] Jakkal Dingo: yep
[4:22] InquisitiveType: well, i was going to ask about a horse haid

Took me a while to figure out what a haid was.

[4:22] InquisitiveType: i made a skin and tail for a horse,
[4:23] InquisitiveType: and am failing miserably at making the head lol
[4:23] Jakkal Dingo: well admittedly our horse heads don't look the best, but I can sell you one if you want it
[4:24] InquisitiveType: i bought the clydesdale
[4:24] Jakkal Dingo: ooh

Read: Oh Lord. If he bought the av, what does he want from me?

[4:24] InquisitiveType: i made a norweigen fjord though
[4:25] InquisitiveType: i like the head, but the hair is no mod, which is a pain
[4:25] InquisitiveType: i was looking to resell


[4:26] InquisitiveType: do you do a full perm head?
[4:26] Jakkal Dingo: well there's a bug that sometimes makes modifiable parts go no mod. If you pull another one out of the box, it should work.
[4:26] Jakkal Dingo: No we only sell mod/copy
[4:27] InquisitiveType: hmm, would you be interested in working together on it?

Working together on... an avatar I made that you modded slightly but didn't show me any samples of your work? WTF?

[4:28] Jakkal Dingo: not particularly, we're not hiring any builders currently.
[4:28] InquisitiveType: well the building and texturing is done,
[4:29] InquisitiveType: (cept the head)


[4:30] Jakkal Dingo: well our avatars are modifiable so people can better adjust them for their particular needs, they're not made to be resold as a different avatar. That would kinda put us out of business.
[4:30] InquisitiveType: yeah i know, appreciated totally
[4:31] InquisitiveType: i was thinking more.. i supply you, you sell and pass a comission rather than full mod

So let me get this straight. You want me to pay you a commission on one of my avatars that you modified slightly. This guy would be better off just selling his textures/skins as a werehouse addon

[4:33] Jakkal Dingo: I'm not really interested in being a reseller at this time.
[4:33] InquisitiveType: fair enough

Why do I suspect this won't be the end of this?
Tags: don't do this, sl

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