Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Out of the Loop

Okay so apparently something has recently gone down on Crossroads, the irc network.

I felt that I should explain my side of it.

I have no idea what's going on.

And that's the god's honest truth.

I was informed of nothing.

I was told nothing.

I heard about it second hand.

If you think it was a voluntary split - It wasn't. One person made a decision. One person took it all for himself. It wasn't us.

More to come on the fate of the "network" on Saturday. When we have a proper meeting of the admins to see wtf is going on.

And terrorwolf If you have a problem with us, you can bring it to us. Stabbing us in the back like a goddamn coward is not going to get you anywhere. No one thinks it's cool, and no one thinks you're cool for it. Let me explain something to you. The people that talk smack to you about others, talk smack about you to others. Anyone that puts up with that shit is doing that same shit to you. Unless you like having knives shoved between your ribs, you should probably cut that shit out and grow up.

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