Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

The Issue with Crossroads

I'll be putting this behind a cut to spare people that don't care.

As I mentioned previously, Bow and I weren't informed, at all, about what was going on. I think some users were led to believe some things, and naturally rumors and spreading. It doesn't help that ego-centric idiots that love the powerplays are spreading shit behind people's backs. You know who you are. Congrats, you lose the internet.

In any case, Crossroads IRC was made to show the community that therians were able, as admins, to work together for the benefit of the community, not a single individual or site. It was supposed to be a place that would show that if community admins could work together that the place would seem to be a nice stable place for the users. The users were the most important part of Crossroads.

How stupid and naive I was holding those kind of ideals in /this/ community.

So Rish decided to pull TherianNet off the network without telling any of the users, or the other admins. He apparently couldn't play nice with the other admins, or work together (which he blamed on us because he was unwilling to speak up). He set up his own service bots and reconnected everyone through another server he bought. TherianNet has nothing to do with Crossroads(Wayah.Net and Shifters.Org) at this point, and I have nothing to do with TherianNet. Any users on TherianNet, you must go through Rish for any problems, or concerns, or just whatever.

At a "meeting" we had last night, he admitted to me that he was more important than the users. He also treated TherianNet like a business. This is where we disagreed. To me, the users have always been more important, I have the virtual stabwounds in my back to prove this over the years of trouble and toiling. If anyone is running a server for their own benefit, they will either need to change their views or it will be shut down. There is no personal gain in running your own server for the community.

Because of this, a rather large and significant rift has formed between the userbase. We have told the users on our side not to start any shit, though they want to. Nothing good comes of this, it will only make people even more bitter, jaded, and tired. I am more concerned about the users, so despite how I feel about Rish, and his attitude, I was willing to work a compromise to bring the network back so the users didn't have to worry about the split. After the second meeting, I came to the conclusion that we would not be able to work together as admins, for Rish was pulling a bully-like power play against us. Even if we could find a comfortable compromise, I don't trust him to not pull something like this in the future. Trust is very important for Crossroads, if we were to actually try and make it what we hoped. Rish made it clear that he didn't trust us, and he made it clear that I cannot trust him.

At this point, I'm not certain that I really care anymore anyway. My first impression when I heard about this was "Well one less thing I need to worry about." I have had some users come to me and beg me to do something about it, to keep the servers up. Crossroads will remain up, we /are/ using it for Kaerwyn RP. If therians want to continue using it, you are more than welcome to. Nothing is changing on our end of things. Your nicks and channels are still registered, nothing was altered as far as that goes.

However, I am concerned about the users, I'm concerned about the fighting that these kind of divisions cause. I've been through this several times through the course of the werecommunity. I know how painful it can be to both sides. So that's why I'm telling you all, just use TherianNet. If most of the people you talk to are still on Therian, then stay on Therian. Don't make the split more painful than it needs to be. If anyone wants to stay there instead of our servers, I'm certainly not going to hold it against you. I know that people go where people go, and most went with Therian because of the nature of the split (When SO was down). Most people thought that we made an amicable split and therians would stay with Therian.Net and Kaerwyn RPers would stay with CrossRoads. This was not the case, but since most of you are comfortably settled on Therian, you might as well stay there.

If you'd rather remain on CrossRoads, please don't start any wars between the networks. That's the last thing I Feel like dealing with. Rish said that his sanity was more important to him than what is best for the users. Starting a war isn't going to make anyone feel better, and you may destroy that which you are trying to keep.

Don't expect to find me on TherianNet however, though since I haven't spent much on Crossroads, other than Kaerwyn, I doubt anyone will care. I simply do not trust Rish as an administrator of a network.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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