Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,


Humans have the most advanced brain, that we know of, in existance.

So why do so many people refuse to use them?

Or is it less refusal to use them, but try to use them in a way that's not at all efficient or useful?

Or is it more that their selfish personal desires color their world in such a way that the brain cannot function as it should?

Or maybe they're all just idiots?

I really hate, more than anything, trying to give people an inch and they forcefully pull the mile out of you. Well, they're going to see that I forcefully pull back, past the inch, and let them keep a centimeter.

I'm trying to be on the side of the majority, but with the way they're acting, I'm slowly falling back to /my/ selfish personal desires, which would make this /whole/ situation /much much easier/.

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