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Welcome to another Edition of "Don't Do This"

Yeah, we got another live one. This one is a first for me on SL. I haven't been accused of this one until today. I have changed the names to protect this guy from my loyal minions who would most likely smite him most viciously. I like to do my own smiting.

[10:14] TheDemanding DJTiger (No, this isn't his real SL Name): ok I'm contacting you about an av yousell. that is a direct ripoff of my chracter. being as how I've beenthe same one for the last 13 years and own copywright to TheGuy'sCharacterName. i'maskign that the crimson striped tiger av be removed from your vendorasap

So Kayla (My partner in crime on SL) and I started looking for this guy's pictures. Why? Because OBVIOUSLY if he's making such a huge deal on the copyright of his character, it should be EASY to find in any search. Google? Nope. FurAffinity? Apparently they have no search. Yerf? Hahah.. yerf. Artspots? Nope. VCL? Ding ding ding! Two obscure images from an artist we've never heard of before!

Both of these are safe for work (If it's ever safe to look at furries at work) , though the first one looks questionable at first.

To further show the points against this rabid little man, here's our two Red/Black tiger avatars. The one on the left is the Crimson Tiger. The one on the Right is the Incarnadine. He probably chose to bitch about the Crimson tiger because "Incarnadine" is such a hard word to spell.

Click for a larger pic

So I end this with my reply to him:

I'm not certain if you understand copyright laws. I can sympathize with you as I wouldn't want people running around pretending to be my character. But we do not sell an "CharacterNameHere" crimson tiger avatar, as that would implicitly be a copyright violation. However, creating a specific color variation of an animal is not something you can copyright.

If your character had specific, unusual markings, you would have more of a case. Upon looking up your name on popular furry art sites, as you did not give out any proof of your claim whatsoever, I can say with utmost certainty that we do not sell any avatars that look in any way similiar to your character.

Neither of our red/black tigers have any white on them, as your character plainly does on the VCL page by Blue-Snowangel. Furthermore, if you make such a claim to a person, it would serve you best to actually look at that which you so harshly demand we remove from our vendors, as you would see that the Crimson tiger avatar is red with black stripes and has no white on it whatsoever.

I hope that clears up any problems you have with our avatars.

I will edit this if he throws anymore LJ bait my way.
Tags: don't do this, sl idiots

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