Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

More of SL's "Don't Do This..."

This is your standard "Don't Do This" so instead of being a new episode, this is just a reminder, don't do this!

So uhm, for the last day or so SL has been choking downstream information, that's killing the network server we use for the vendors. That means that sometimes people won't get their avatars. I spent most of last night and today refunding or giving out avatars that the server couldn't deliver, or SL didn't give them (Some of them went through but didn't show up in their inventory til after they logged).

Anyway, this one guy, I don't think English is his first language. His spelling, punctuation, and grammar were fine (Save for some AOLSpeak), but his words were a little iffy in their useage. That tells me that he's probably a foreigner working on English, and not a Stupid and/or Lazy American™ that can't figure out English.

So I help this guy as best I can, explain to him what the situation was, apologized for the trouble, and gave him the avatar he tried to buy.

So everything is well and good until he says...

[16:18] Person InQuestion: ok everything is fine now, wanna say thanks again, u helped a lot, perhaps cya in the game again bye bye
[16:18] Jakkal Dingo: cool, and laters :]
[16:18] Person InQuestion: later
[16:18] Person InQuestion: oh wait
[16:18] Person InQuestion: perhaps u can help me again^^

If ever there were words to make me cringe, this was it. I knew it would lead To No Good™. I was hoping, deep down, that he would not ask me something ... that I tend to expect from furries. I hoped he wanted to know where he could, say... buy guns, or clothes, or a place to hang out. Unfortunately, instinct told me otherwise. I was IMing with shadowsmyst on SL at the same time, and I pasted the line to her, and we both knew. I told her it made me shudder before the guy even posted his next line...

[16:18] Person InQuestion: where can i find a nice dick, fitting to my new av?

You know how, when, sometimes you read things online, certain sound effects are heard in your mind. We've become so used to hearing these from TV and radio, that you can't help but think of these sounds when life mocks you. The sound I heard? Remember when someone lost on The Price is Right? Yeah. That's the sound I heard.

My reply? Well I Just told him to ask the people in Furnation. He wasn't an asshole, and I'm not going to be a bitch to someone that wasn't mean to me first. That's just the way I am. Had he demanding I help him because his avatar wasn't "Dick Compliant" Then it would be a different story.
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