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Welcome to another edition of Don't Do This™.

So I wake up bright and early at 3pm... well we do work nights... and first things first, gotta take care of all the IMs I got during the day for the WereHouse.

Then I come across this gem:

Adrian Sloane: Theer is a Griefer in your group by the name of ImNot GivingThisOut. He just Griefed me and my 2 sisters.

Okay so I read this and the first thing that pops into my mind is "Personal Issue." Well, let's see if it's something that affects my group or my land, and see if there's anything I SHOULD do about it.

Jakkal Dingo: What exactly did he do?

Adrian Sloane: He orbited all of us
Adrian Sloane: He orbited us for no reason at all.
Jakkal Dingo: Did he do this on our land?
Adrian Sloane: We want this person ejected from your group.
Adrian Sloane: No, he did it on Limbo

As soon as I read that he wanted the person ejected from the group, I realized he was just using group owners to get back to the guy. shadowsmyst, who also runs the group, IMed me about this guy (Cuz he IMed her.) And we pretty much gave identical responses to the guy.

Jakkal Dingo: Unless it's something that happens on our land or in the group itself, I'm afraid there's nothing we can really do about it. I'd suggest you and your friends fill out an abuse report and let the Lindens take care of it.

Sure we can kick him out of the group, but why would we care?

Adrian Sloane: Well, it should be discouraged everywhere. Sorry to hear that you advocate this kind of behavior by letting him slide.

Jakkal Dingo: We're not advocating anything. We're staying out of your personal issues. Our group should not be used as a vengeance mechanism because someone wronged you. Take the appropriate steps to deal with the issues by talking to the Lindens. They might actually ban him for you.

I wonder if this guy realizes that he's harassing US about this, which is also griefing. ShadowsMyst got more out of him than I did. Maybe I can get her to reply with what he said, and what she told him. If he tries to continue with me, I'll pretty much lay it down on him thick. We are NOT your agents of vengeance.

I can definitely see why he got griefed. Perhaps he's not the victim, neh?
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