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Another Edition of Don't Do this.

So Bow has to ban this bitch from the island because, well I dunno. That's Bow's thing. He can do whatever.

Naturally because she's bought avatars from me, she's gotta take it up with me, even though I wasn't even THERE.

So now she makes it in the LJ. Welcome to Drama Central, cunt.

[16:49] Snar Ling: Add asshole to your profile while you're at it. Only an asshole would have Werewolf Dingo for a partner.

Because starting out by insulting someone is always the best way to get them to work with you

[16:49] Jakkal Dingo: Thank you, Drama Llama. I will keep that in mind.
[16:49] Snar Ling: Please do, because it's so fitting
[16:50] Jakkal Dingo: You're welcome.
[16:50] Snar Ling: You want to money, but not the service. Leech
[16:51] Jakkal Dingo: Want to rephrase that in English?
[16:51] Snar Ling: Booting me off the sim for standing there.
[16:51] Snar Ling: Because, well,
[16:51] Jakkal Dingo: Werewolf Dingo booted you. Take it up with him.
[16:51] Snar Ling: Werewolf is a prick
[16:52] Jakkal Dingo: Bringing it to me does nothing.
[16:52] Snar Ling: Take up what, standing there, doing nothing...
[16:52] Snar Ling: What?
[16:52] Snar Ling: I haven't spent enough money with you
[16:52] Jakkal Dingo: Yes, talk to him. Not me. Bringing it to me is just dragging drama I'm not interested in. I'm not even near him right now.
[16:53] Jakkal Dingo: Yes, you bought avatars. I thank you for it. You paid money for those avatars, not for my lawyer services.
[16:55] Snar Ling: Remind me to ban you from my sims then.
[16:55] Jakkal Dingo: It's your right. Asshole.
[16:55] Snar Ling: Fucking idiot
[16:55] Jakkal Dingo: If you want people to work with you, try not insulting them. Just a hint.
[16:56] Jakkal Dingo: Now are you done? I'm terribly busy working on avatars for people to buy and then try to strongarm me into their will and submission for more insulting commentary.

Bow sent me his log with the Cunt. His commentary is in BOLD. My commentary to it is in Italics.

Here's how it started:

16:38] You: Y'know, I've finally gotten curious enough to ask. Why in the hell do you come here pretty much daily and do nothing other than idle?

[16:39] You: You know I'm talking to you, Snar.

To which I got no response. No AFK, either. Figured she didn't realize I was talking to her. She was idle this whole time, except for one moment where some rude person waltzed right into her, shoving her around. At that point, the noise of being bumped got her attention, and she moved out of the way. So I rezzed a small physical ball, and gave her a poke. It got her attention, she looked to see who rezzed the ball. Log continues.

[16:41] You: I finally got your attention.

[16:41] You: Open your history.

At this point, she set "busy" mode on. And said .. first words out of her mouth, mind you...

[16:42] Snar Ling: There's your answer

To which I replied...

[16:42] You: Every time you show up, you're busy.

[16:43] You: You should do that at your home location.

Waited a minute or so .. and then teleported her home. Well, her home was set to the island.

[16:44] You: Interestingly enough, you have this island selected as your home. Go fig.

At this point it was time to conduct an experiment. Less .. seriously .. because I wanted to boot her. More because I wanted to see what would happen. Like... what happens when you ban somebody? They get sent home. What if their home is the area they're getting banned from?

Well, it turns out .. they go away. Hee. I removed the ban a moment later. As of this writing, it's still down. Didn't want to ban them. Just wanted to return the unpleasant attitude I got from the start.

And THEN the IM's started flying. Have fun.

[16:47] Snar Ling: Add asshole to your profile whie you're at it.

This is where she decided to IM me as well

[16:47] Werewolf Dingo: I thought that was already in there. Oh well. People can figure it out for themselves.

[16:49] Snar Ling: Well then insert prick and wanker too

[16:51] Werewolf Dingo: You know, the ban was only put up to send you elsewhere. See, this isn't your home. You don't know, or talk to, anybody here.

[16:51] Werewolf Dingo: I already removed it.

[16:52] Werewolf Dingo: I'm an admin here. You refused to talk to me, and when you did, you gave me a smartass reply. Heh. Maybe I should share my opinions of you too, mm?

[16:52] Snar Ling: You're an asshole

[16:52] Snar Ling: admit it

[16:53] Snar Ling is typing...

[16:53] Werewolf Dingo: I know I'm an asshole. What's your point?

[16:53] Snar Ling: I was busy

[16:53] Snar Ling: and you're pathetic ego

There goes the pot playing the race card..

[16:53] Snar Ling: just couldn't bear it.

Obviously she can't take anyone elses as she has to put up with her own.

[16:53] Werewolf Dingo: Heh. I'm not the cat. :)

[16:53] Snar Ling: You're a nobody that never way

[16:53] Snar Ling: was

[16:53] Werewolf Dingo: Yeah, I know.

[16:53] Snar Ling: Sim admin

[16:53] Snar Ling: who isn't

[16:53] Werewolf Dingo: And you're no longer making sense.

[16:54] Snar Ling: But, I guess that's the difference between you and me

[16:54] Snar Ling: I don't boot people off of my sim because they're busy

[16:54] Werewolf Dingo: For the record, several weeks ago, you were running around and repeatedly using some gesture that made a very loud noise, the one where it sounds like somebody's hitting somebody with a frying pan.

[16:54] Werewolf Dingo: That's explicitly against the rules.

[16:54] Werewolf Dingo: We didn't do anything to you then.

[16:55] Werewolf Dingo: Figured we'd give you a chance to, maybe, approach some of the regulars here, talk, see what your deal is, etcetera etcetera.

[16:55] Werewolf Dingo: But all you do now is TP in and sit on top of the teleport spot, waiting for other users to walk into you.

[16:55] Snar Ling: I'm hardly ever there

[16:55] Werewolf Dingo: I was half waiting for you to start playing the RPG you have so nicely lined out in your profile.

[16:55] Snar Ling: You're so full of shit it's unbelivable

[16:56] Snar Ling: I was working on it

[16:56] Werewolf Dingo: Yeah, that's me. Read your own profile for the definition of "full of shit."

[16:56] Snar Ling: when you kept annoying me.

[16:56] Werewolf Dingo: Oh, and you don't have a sim.

[16:56] Snar Ling: for the fucking $ I've brought you jokers

[16:56] Werewolf Dingo: And .. furthermore .. see .. the person that pays for it .. kinda gets to make the rules.

[16:57] Snar Ling: I expect a little more

[16:57] Werewolf Dingo: Not a dollar has gone into my pocket, dear.

[16:57] Werewolf Dingo: Oh!

[16:57] Werewolf Dingo: So that's why you bought an avatar or two?

[16:57] Werewolf Dingo: So you could get special favoritism?

[16:57] Werewolf Dingo: Gee, here I thought the avs were up for sale so that .. y'know .. people who wanted one .. could buy it.

[16:57] Snar Ling: No, you draw all of your inflated sense of self from being an asshole

[16:57] Werewolf Dingo: I'll be sure to let Jakkal know that's the only reason you got the av.

[16:58] Snar Ling: Avatar or two...

[16:58] Snar Ling: ?

[16:58] Werewolf Dingo: ... My .. inflated sense of self? Check your profile.

[16:58] Werewolf Dingo: Scroll back and read this.

[16:58] Snar Ling: What an arrogant ass you are.

[16:58] Werewolf Dingo: Yeah. Because I'm the one that messaged you to call you an asshole.

[16:58] Werewolf Dingo: There's the definition of "arrogant asshole."

[16:58] Snar Ling: No, you're the one who demanded attention

[16:58] Snar Ling: and when you didn't get it threw a tantrum

[16:59] Werewolf Dingo: Actually, I just wanted to know why you show up here when all you do is idle.

[16:59] Snar Ling: and took your marbles and went home

[16:59] Werewolf Dingo: You threw up your little "busy" sign, and said, "there's your answer."

[16:59] Werewolf Dingo: Actually .. I never left home. You went to a new home.

[16:59] Snar Ling: I log there on occassion

[16:59] Werewolf Dingo: I wasn't the one who started out being a jerk, dear.

[16:59] Snar Ling: seldom for more than 2 minutes

[16:59] Snar Ling: so don'

[16:59] Werewolf Dingo: Look at yourself for that. Blame yourself for your problems.

[16:59] Snar Ling: don't hand me your lies

[16:59] Werewolf Dingo: Not me.

[16:59] Werewolf Dingo: It's not a matter of lies.

[17:00] Werewolf Dingo: It's a matter of point of view.

[17:00] Snar Ling: Booting is being a jerk

[17:00] Snar Ling: wow....

[17:00] Snar Ling: you need to look that up

[17:00] Werewolf Dingo: You think so. I don't.

[17:00] Snar Ling: first you were annoy

[17:00] Snar Ling: ing

[17:00] Werewolf Dingo: Look what up? The word "that?"

[17:00] Snar Ling: then you started pushing

[17:00] Snar Ling: and when I went to busy to tell you what I was doing

[17:00] Snar Ling: you ejected me

[17:00] Werewolf Dingo: Actually, first, you were annoying. By playing loud-ass noises in a place where it's against the rule card every user is handed when they come in.

[17:00] Snar Ling: so don't talk to me about attitude

[17:00] Werewolf Dingo: You didn't tell me what you were doing.

[17:01] Werewolf Dingo: You set busy, and in a very smarmy, assinine way, responded, "There's your answer."

[17:01] Snar Ling: I played a noise?

[17:01] Werewolf Dingo: Several weeks ago. I told you that already.

[17:01] Snar Ling: I didn't play a noise

[17:01] Werewolf Dingo: Not today.

[17:01] Snar Ling: but now that you mention it

[17:01] Snar Ling: your avatar

[17:01] Snar Ling: come with noise

[17:01] Werewolf Dingo: I'm sure it sucks. Right?

[17:01] Werewolf Dingo: They all suck now that you got booted once.

[17:01] Snar Ling: or do you expect them not to be used around you.

[17:02] Snar Ling: Here, buy our noises but we

[17:02] Werewolf Dingo: The noise in question wasn't any stock avatar noise. Read the rules card.

[17:02] Snar Ling: will eject you if you use them

[17:02] Snar Ling: is that it?

[17:02] Snar Ling: Oh, I see

[17:02] Werewolf Dingo: Yeah, yeah. That's it. Boy, you're *goooood.*

[17:02] Snar Ling: it has to be one of your noises.

[17:02] Snar Ling: It that is

[17:02] Snar Ling: where does it say that.

[17:03] Snar Ling: but then that's not why we're having this conversation is it.

[17:03] Werewolf Dingo: It's not a conversation.

[17:03] Snar Ling: You didn't get the attention you feel you deserved.

[17:03] Snar Ling: and so you decided to use your authority to abuse a customer

[17:03] Snar Ling: Nice

[17:03] Werewolf Dingo: Dude, I sit on top of a hill and do nothing every day. I don't *want* attention.

[17:04] Snar Ling: Yes you do

[17:04] Werewolf Dingo: If you have a set of eyes, you've seen that.

[17:04] Werewolf Dingo: Fine. I do. I feel so fulfilled now.

[17:04] Snar Ling: Of course you do.

[17:04] Werewolf Dingo: Thank you so very much for filling my ego for me.

[17:04] Snar Ling: That's why you came down to annoy me.

[17:04] Werewolf Dingo: Yeah, naturally.

[17:04] Snar Ling: You had nothing better to do

[17:04] Snar Ling: and you resented it when I did.

[17:04] Snar Ling: It's simple as that.

[17:04] Werewolf Dingo: I've had nothing better to do for weeks. Never bothered you before. I just wanted to ask you a question.

[17:04] Snar Ling: You can't admit it.

[17:04] Werewolf Dingo: But hey, you make up your own mind.

[17:04] Snar Ling: That's your problem

[17:05] Werewolf Dingo: It's not about me. :)

[17:05] Werewolf Dingo: You've given me back twenty times the "attitude" that I gave you.

[17:05] Snar Ling: And why?

[17:05] Snar Ling: I wonder

[17:05] Werewolf Dingo: Atsa matta? Lil uber kitty of the jungle can't handle being knocked around a little bit?

[17:05] Werewolf Dingo: Did I hurt your ego?

[17:05] Werewolf Dingo: I wouldn't sit there and let you be a smartass to me?

[17:06] Werewolf Dingo: Did I pull you off your high and mighty throne?

[17:06] Snar Ling: smartass

[17:06] Snar Ling: is pushing

[17:06] Werewolf Dingo: Yep. That's what happened.

[17:06] Snar Ling: smartass not accepting that someone might have better things to do than play with you

[17:06] Snar Ling: Yeah, it is

[17:06] Werewolf Dingo: If you have something better to do .. do it outside of the teleport-in area.

[17:06] Snar Ling: you used that object to push me

[17:06] Werewolf Dingo: Or on another sim.

[17:06] Werewolf Dingo: Or .. off SL altogether.

[17:07] Snar Ling: because you weren't getting the attention you wanted

[17:07] Snar Ling: I was minding my own business

[17:07] Werewolf Dingo: Actually, no. I used it to get your attention, because I figured you didn't think the "type type type" noises were for you.

[17:07] Snar Ling: and only wanted to continue doing that.

[17:07] Snar Ling: You couldn't handle it

[17:07] Werewolf Dingo: Hey, feel free. Just do it elsewhere.

[17:07] Snar Ling: and threw a tantrum

[17:07] Werewolf Dingo: Tantrum? Wow. Look back at this log!

[17:07] Snar Ling: Trust me, you've earned endorsements to last a lifetiem

[17:08] Snar Ling: You look back at it.

[17:08] Werewolf Dingo: Seriously. Read it back to yourself later when you're not so pissed off. Try to get a 3rd person perspective on it. Pretend it was somebody else talking to me, not you.

[17:08] Snar Ling: because you know what

[17:08] Werewolf Dingo: You hate me?

[17:08] Snar Ling: when you don't have respect for your customers

[17:08] Werewolf Dingo: And .. apparently .. you think it matters, or that I care?

[17:08] Snar Ling: they don't have respect for you

[17:08] Werewolf Dingo: I offer you a dare.

[17:08] Werewolf Dingo: Find something that I sell on SL.

[17:08] Snar Ling: I don't need to

[17:09] Snar Ling: I've got Jakkal

[17:09] Werewolf Dingo: I have no customers.

[17:09] Snar Ling: insteand

[17:09] Werewolf Dingo: Yeah, cuz Jakkal is me.

[17:09] Snar Ling: and it does

[17:09] Snar Ling: Jakkal Dingo: Now are you done? I'm terribly busy working on avatars for people to buy and then try to strongarm me into their will and submission for more insulting commentary.

[17:09] Snar Ling: So, yeah....

[17:09] Snar Ling: There is something to lose

[17:09] Werewolf Dingo: That'd be what you did to her.

[17:10] Werewolf Dingo: "Hey, I bought avs! I demand your attention, you MUST listen to me bitch aimlessly cuz I got teleported off your island!"

[17:10] Werewolf Dingo: Oh. Noes.

[17:10] Werewolf Dingo: What are you, 16?

[17:10] Werewolf Dingo: Do you have any idea as to how irrelevant or unimportant that is?

[17:10] Snar Ling: I'm someone who won't forget your treatment

[17:10] Werewolf Dingo: It blew up your whole world, didn't it?

[17:10] Snar Ling: I'm someone who knows people too

I'm sure they're all retarded too.

[17:11] Werewolf Dingo: To get asked a question, and not get treated like royalty when you gave me a catty answer.

[17:11] Werewolf Dingo: Enter the threats.

[17:11] Snar Ling: I'm someone who's spent $30 there...

I just checked. Know how many avs this person bought from me? 1. Yep! One avatar. Worth about $3 USD. So I think she tossed in that extra zero there. That or she's Julian Montale.

[17:11] Werewolf Dingo: Yep.

[17:11] Snar Ling: and brought many others

[17:11] Snar Ling: But you know what?

[17:11] Werewolf Dingo: Well .. thanks for your patronage.

[17:11] Snar Ling: That's over.

[17:11] Werewolf Dingo: OH NO!

[17:11] Werewolf Dingo: MY WORLD, MY WORLD.

Bow said it all for me. There's no such thing as bad press on the Internet

[17:11] Snar Ling: and there's a rule in business

[17:11] Werewolf Dingo: I'm not in business.

[17:12] Snar Ling: treat a customer right and they'll tell three others.

[17:12] Werewolf Dingo: You're not my customer.

[17:12] Werewolf Dingo: Stop threatening me.

[17:12] Snar Ling: Treat them poorly and they'll tell 11.

[17:12] Werewolf Dingo: Go threaten Jakkal for doing nothing to you.

[17:12] Snar Ling: I won't stop until I reach 111

If I had a $1L for everytime someone threatened to "tell everyone about me" I'd be rich rich rich in $USDs.

[17:12] Snar Ling: No, but you're a reflection of Jakkal

Obviously it's all my fault.

[17:12] Werewolf Dingo: Cool. You need to get started then, that's a lot of people to bitch about me to.

[17:12] Werewolf Dingo: Am I?

[17:12] Werewolf Dingo: You're a reflection of an ass.

[17:12] Snar Ling: and so indisguishable

[17:13] Snar Ling: to me.

[17:13] Snar Ling: If she let's you do this

Says the Gorean Female

[17:13] Snar Ling: then what's the difference?

[17:13] Snar Ling: None

[17:13] Snar Ling: She'll pay for your sins

God ain't gunna be happy with you sweetcheeks if you're doing his wrath for him.

[17:13] Werewolf Dingo: Hey, fine. Punish her for something I did. Thus proving your mental age, kiddo.

[17:13] Werewolf Dingo: Do you even belong on the adult grid?

[17:13] Snar Ling: Odd that you don't get that

[17:13] Werewolf Dingo: Oh, I get it.

[17:13] Werewolf Dingo: I just don't care. Because only a complete jackoff asshole would do that.

[17:14] Snar Ling: but then sitting on a hill all day would lead to that kind of narrowminded thinking

[17:14] Werewolf Dingo: In short .. you tell your 111 people.

[17:14] Werewolf Dingo: You go on.

[17:14] Snar Ling: I will.

[17:14] Snar Ling is typing...

[17:14] Snar Ling: I plan to.

So fucking do it already! Christ! Go, tell everyone about the WereHouse and how awful it is. I'll wait for the sales to ring in when they realize the avatars are cooler than you are. There, that's my ego spew for the day.

[17:14] Werewolf Dingo: Your actions, and your voice, will speak to all of those people for you.

[17:14] Snar Ling: Only the facts

[17:14] Werewolf Dingo: And they can make their own judgements.

[17:14] Werewolf Dingo: You don't know the facts.

[17:14] Werewolf Dingo: See, there are two sides to every story.

[17:14] Snar Ling: Yes, SL is a place of reputations


[17:14] Werewolf Dingo: My side, and your side.

[17:14] Werewolf Dingo: You .. are on .. your side.

[17:14] Werewolf Dingo: You don't understand my side. You just think you do.

[17:15] Snar Ling: and yours, from this abused customers, will suffer

[17:15] Werewolf Dingo: The truth .. is in the middle somewhere.

[17:15] Werewolf Dingo: I DON'T CARE.

[17:15] Snar Ling: That's why you're so stupic

[17:15] Werewolf Dingo: God, figure it out!

[17:15] Snar Ling: stupid

[17:15] Snar Ling: you should have just let it go

[17:15] Snar Ling: but your pathetic ego couldn't

[17:15] Werewolf Dingo: Dude. TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE.

[17:15] Werewolf Dingo: ... Pathetic .. ego? Isn't that kinda oxymoronic?

[17:15] Snar Ling: I wonder if it's because Jakkal is the talent and your the hill sitter

[17:16] Werewolf Dingo: Yeah, that's it. I'm jealous of her talent.

[17:16] Werewolf Dingo: Totally.

[17:16] Werewolf Dingo: Anything else?

[17:16] Werewolf Dingo: I got a log to post somewhere.

[17:17] Werewolf Dingo: And a job to do...

[17:17] Werewolf Dingo: Nothin'?

[17:17] Werewolf Dingo: Okay, then. Bye-bye.

[17:18] Snar Ling: My feelings about the way I was treated are clear.

[17:19] Werewolf Dingo: I'm done taking your shit.

At that point I turned mute on, and got ready for work. And that's that.
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