Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Yep, another Don't Do This (DDT)

For those of you looking for a fight, or a trainwreck, this isn't one of those posts. This is more... mmm.. someone being inconsiderate, but not on purpose.

I'm posting this because this is happening SO VERY OFTEN. People are /not/ reading the avatar displays, they come in and seem to think that all of our avatars are quadruped. ONLY the Critters! avatars are quadruped. And is there some kind of rule that they must buy the most expensive version of the avatars before figuring out they bought the wrong one?

Anyway, the exchange...

[15:31] TheCustomer: hey i just bought a canine av does it not have hud options to walk like a dog on all 4 s?

After getting several of these kinds of IMs, I had to wonder if someone was telling people all of our avatars walked on all fours. Anyway... I knew what was going on here before I even looked it up. But the person bought the Advanced Rottweiler avatar. Note, we do not have a quadruped Rottweiler avatar at this time.

[15:33] Jakkal Dingo: You bought an anthro avatar. The quadrupeds are labeled as "Critters!"

There's a big sign infront of all of our vendors that say "Caveat Emptor" with an explanation of "please be sure about what you're getting before you buy" and we have our policy available in other signs. They all say "Avatars are copiable, we do not give refunds, be /sure/ that what you're looking at is what you want to buy." I'd rather people refrain from buying an avatar if they're not sure, and ask the staff to show off the avatar first. Because for what these avatars are worth, it's simply not worth putting up with the bullshit that comes from THEIR mistakes. I understand that mistakes happen, I make them too. I don't harass the vendors for my mistakes, not for something that costs about $3.

[15:34] TheCustomer: aww :( damn that was all my doh..that sux

At this point I was just waiting for the whining to start, and for the person to demand their money back, or a critter's av.

[15:35] TheCustomer: i thought domestic meant domestic as in on all 4s
[15:38] TheCustomer: so guess im just screwed huh? :(

So the guy actually did not beg for an av, or ask for his money back. Pretty impressive, neh? What he did, however do was make this line. Do people really think that's a nice thing to say? I mean, I'm not easily insulted, but I can see the insult here. He's screwed? He got an avatar from us, he got his money's worth IMHO given what other av creators charge. Screwed? No. But don't you think that's not something you want to say to the person that built that avatar? Think before typing.

[15:39] Jakkal Dingo: Well you've still got a nice avatar. If it's an consolation, we don't have a quadruped rottweiler. A lot of people buy critters and advanced anthro avatars and combine them for the quadruped and facial expressions, so you've got that option.

This is truth.

[15:40] TheCustomer: i suppose..well its not your fault i just didnt know
[15:40] TheCustomer: broke for now so that sux

You can get $1000L for $3.50 on the Lindex. Not that much money.

[15:41] TheCustomer: thanks anyway

I'm truly shocked and awed that it was not followed with some kind of sniper tactic. Truly. This is not sarcasm. But either way in the end, before you buy something, make sure it's what you want!!
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