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Arg! Again! Don't Do This!

Third one today!!!

A note to you SLers. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY! You will save yourself and the person you harass (Cuz you won't harass them) if you read before you buy. Don't just go in thinking you know what you're doing. You obviously DO NOT. This was the third time today. Either these people are trying to scam me, they can't read, or someone is telling people that all of our avatars are quadruped.

There is a reason we have signs, clear as day in our stores: CAVEAT EMPTOR: Let the Buyer Beware - No Refunds or Exchanges!

[14:55] Another Customer: (Saved Tue May 15 16:13:36 2007) hey Jakkal...I need to make an exchange at your shop
[14:55] Another Customer: (Saved Tue May 15 16:14:43 2007) I bought the wrong black wolf...I have v3adv and I wanted one that behaves like a real wolf (the 1000L one?) please get back to me and sorry for the mixup
-- End of Log ---

I got this while I wasn't on. Thank god. I tried to delegate it to my staff *cough cough* apparently neither of them PMed the guy. Why? Because he caught me later tonight...

[1:01] Another Customer: hey man
[1:03] Another Customer: I think you need to be online for me to do an exchange...hit me back when you return : )

Yep, I need to be online for that. Too bad we can't offer exchanges on avatars THAT YOU CAN'T GIVE BACK TO US.

[1:03] Another Customer: oh hey
[1:23] Jakkal Dingo: I'm afraid that we can't offer any exchanges, the avatars are mod/copy, there's no way for you give it back to us. That's part of our policy as well, and it's posted on signs in our stores.

Of course the internet gods decided to make it oh so much more fun by D/Cing me right here.

[1:25] Another Customer: he even bought one just to see if he could fix it
[1:26] Jakkal Dingo: I'm afraid I missed your reply, my 'net dropped
[1:27] Another Customer: Rilan Martinek: well I just bought it wanting a wolf like my friends..and this thing is half human [1:25] Rilan Martinek: he even bought one just to see if he could fix it

WTF? So you're both idiots? Why would you do this??

[1:27] Another Customer: my friend is ********...he buys tons of your stuff

Look up dude's name... 4 avatars. Yeah, tons. Nice try using your "friend" as a lever to try to swindle persuade me.

[1:28] Jakkal Dingo: Well what I've seen others do is buy the critter and then used the updated advanced wolf head and hud on the Critter avatar so it's kind of like an advanced Critter. You could try that
[1:29] Another Customer: hmm...what if I give you permission on my inv....you could delete it or ensure I did

Holy crap. Is this really worth the trouble for a $3.50USD avatar? No. This is such a McJob for me. Something I'm not going to McTolerate.

[1:30] Jakkal Dingo: That's against the TOS. That could get us both banned.

Even though I'm sure we both know the Lindens won't do anything... WHY WOULD YOU OFFER THAT?!?

[1:31] Another Customer: I really can't afford to be droppin 1200 for something I won't use...and it was so laggy last night it took me forever to pull the screens up

I didn't reply any further. He's just going to ho-hum, woe is me, and not admit his mistake. I really can't stand that attitude. I thought about giving the last guy a break, but not this one. No. I knew when I saw the smiley that I was in trouble. And I know nothing I say will do anything other than continue his "I'm so poor I can't afford this shit" diatribe. Really not interested, thanks. I'm sorry you made a mistake, when I make a mistake, I try to fix it. When you make a mistake you try to bleed me for it. That's not very fair. You bought an advanced wolf avatar*, I can't help it if you're not going to use it. There's no way for you to exchange it, at all. Not a matter of I won't take it back, but I CANNOT under the limits of the system take it back. You are stuck with it. And you will more than likely USE IT at some point.

And for god's sake, it's only worth $3.50. And look folks, I was at a point where I was damn near homeless, working two jobs, had to go into debt just to feed myself. I know well the value of a dollar. Whether or not he can afford it is a moot point. It's a game, he can earn money in game without spending a dime of RL money. He could bum money off other people. Go hit up some money trees or find camping chairs. The point is, all this, all this crap is not worth it. Period.

*Remember that rule: When you make a mistake, you must buy the most expensive version of the avatar then demand your money back or an exchange, knowing damn well you're forcing the 'trust' issue on me by "trusting" you to delete all copies of that avatar in your inventory. I'm not a trusting person.


Dear god, he's continuing.

[1:37] Another Customer: trust me I just want a super realistic looking wolf...I'm not into fuzzies or the like...just is kinda kewl to run like a real wolf I think

No, I don't trust you. And our wolves aren't that realistic. Maybe you should look somewhere else.

[1:43] Another Customer: you there?

Obviously he ignored my busy-mode message as well

[1:51] Jakkal Dingo: Yes.

[1:53] Another Customer: did you read above?

[1:53] Jakkal Dingo: Yes.

And what? Am I supposed to cry tears for you? My heart bleeds, really.

[1:54] Another Customer: would you like to meet me and see what I'm about?

See what you're about? You're a mooch is what. I can see that from here.

[1:54] Another Customer: I'm not a fuzzy guy...not trying to rip you off or anything

I think he means Furry. Is he furry bashing or something? Is someone trying to coach him to get on my good side? Look I don't care if you're a furry, a fuzzy, a human, or a dog sitting behind a keyboard. Now you're just pissing me off even more. If you would just, you know, admit you made a mistake it would be different. Now you're just being a pushy asshole.

[1:58] Another Customer: hello?


[2:02] Another Customer: look...I'm a vamp...I just want an evil looking wolf w/red eyes to change into

And that's what? Supposed to persuade me? What? Vampire is right though. Leech.

[2:02] Another Customer: ******* recommended your shop and now I'm screwed

@(#%*$%^ That's what the last guy said!!

[2:04] Jakkal Dingo: You're not screwed. You've got a nice avatar. Nothing is stopping you from buying a critter avatar.

[2:08] Jakkal Dingo: I'm sorry I can't help you. As I said our policy is no returns or exchanges, our avatars are copiable and no transfer. That /is/ why we have the warnings in the shops to be /careful/ when you purchase our avatars.

[2:09] Another Customer: well I saw no warnings obviously. ***** has a grey and white one so when I saw it, i got the black version but it was the upright one with hands and arms

[2:12] Another Customer: do you think anyone would 1) go through this much trouble to get ust get 1 lesser av..I mean it's non trans as you said, and 2) I obviously am not loaded with cash

First, the Critter does cost less, yes. But you're asking me to GIVE YOU the Critter, giving you two avatars. You can say you don't like the Advanced, but I guarantee you'll be using the advanced head. If you think that's "Cartoony" well the Critter is moreso. Second, $1000L is only $3.50. Don't eat at McD's tomorrow. Christ. You have internet and a computer, you can afford $3.50. Infact, I'll tell him that...

[2:17] Jakkal Dingo: Okay First and foremost, you're forcing the issue of trust on me. I'm not a trusting person. So it's not a matter of the Critter avatar costing less, it's a matter of you getting two avatars for the price of one. So that's a moot point. Secondly, $1000L is only $3.50USD. You obviously have a computer and an internet connection. You can likely afford $3.50USD. Third, this is not worth the cost of the avatar. Fourth, the Critter is actually a more 'cartoon' looking wolf than the V3Advanced.

[2:18] Another Customer: well I've seen ****'s and it look like a real dog/wolf
[2:18] Another Customer: even behaves like one
[2:18] Another Customer: this makes me look like some erect half human...like I said I know people are into it
[2:19] Jakkal Dingo: #5. The money for the avatars is split between the people that created them. I am not a scripter, someone had to script those avatars. I'm just a builder. You're not only asking me to give up money for the avatar, but also other people involved. I'm sorry you made a mistake, but I /cannot/ help you.

[2:21] Another Customer: well I've tried to be polite and I think your signage is misleading on the panel I bought it....I'd think as a business owner, you'd be a little mor forgiving. It's not like you get people doing this all the time...trying to 'steal' and av from you

[2:23] Jakkal Dingo: Actualy you're the third one today. It does happen *all the time*. That is why we have the signs in there warning people to read the ads, be sure you know what you're getting, and we cannot offer exchanges or refunds in the case of a mis-purchase.

[2:24] Another Customer: well if it happens that often did you ever think you might have an issue with you displays or the way you describe them

[2:24] Jakkal Dingo: No sir. It states clearly what the avatars come with, and what they do. The issue is that you did not read the ads.

[2:25] Another Customer: I read the panels...it's about all I could see beyond the grey last night

He blames me. He blames my ads. He blames the lag (The grey). He can do no wrong!

[2:26] Another Customer: I think it's pretty silly to think that people are trying to steal one av from you
[2:27] Another Customer: and it's happened so much, it's gotta be a problem
[2:27] Another Customer: is that the rep you want for your store?
[2:28] Jakkal Dingo: Sir, I think it's silly to push and push and push for an avatar worth a trip to McD's when you made the mistake *And* got an avatar for your money.
[2:28] Jakkal Dingo: Please, feel free to tell everyone not to buy from me. I'm not interested in reputations.

[2:28] Another Customer: it's useless...I can't give it away to anyone that would even wear it

We both know if you want to be a badass vampire, you will wear that Advanced wolf head and snarl at people. We both know this. Stop pretending.

[2:29] Another Customer: I didn't say I was going to rip you to others, yet that's what you assumed

Maybe, do I care? No.

[2:31] Another Customer: I think you need to run more like a business and less like you're guarding fort knox

I gave him the store policy that he so conveniently ignored. The one that states, flat out:
ales Policies:
1) Caveat Emptor ~ Buyer Beware
You are responsible for your purchase. There is a large sign on the wall detailing this policy in the store. This means be CAREFUL when you buy an avatar. Wait until the picture is fully rezed and make sure no one is clicking/browsing that vendor when you pay. If you do not make a correct purchase, its not my fault. Care on your behalf to buy the correct avatar is needed. If you feel my vendor has a problem, please tell me the exact circumstances under which the problem occurred and I will look into fixing it.

2) No Transfer equals No Refund
All of my avatars are no transfer. You make a purchase with the full knowlege of this policy. It is on the wall of my store. Please read it. I do not give cash refunds for avatars, nor do I replace bad/wrong purchases. This is a mistake on your behalf, I cannot be held accountable for your mistakes. If you wish to make a purchase for a friend, please use a gift card.

3) Replacement Policy
I will provide some replacements and upgrades if something breaks as a result of a SecondLife update. However, since all avatars are copyable and modable, you are encouraged to keep the box the avatar came in and if something goes missing or awry with your current avatar, place the box out and extract a new copy of the avatar. Similarly if you are doing modification work, make sure you always work on a copy of your avatar. If you are missing your avatar's box, I keep receipts of all purchases. I will be happy to send you a new box if your receipt and request matches.

[2:31] Another Customer: and where was this card?
[2:32] Another Customer: this didn't pop up when I entered
[2:32] Jakkal Dingo: It's in the vendors, all the vendors.
[2:33] Another Customer: eh?
[2:33] Jakkal Dingo: It's also in the sign in the front of the store
[2:33] Jakkal Dingo: And it's ON a sign in the store.
[2:33] Another Customer: well I didn't see it
[2:34] Another Customer: and regardless people are gonna make mistakes the way you have them shown
[2:34] Another Customer: an advanced expensive wolf that doesn't have front legs or can run???
[2:34] Another Customer: I mean wtf?
[2:37] Jakkal Dingo: Sir. I need to go make dinner now as my husband just got home from work. I will tell you this, straightforward, most people figure it out just fine. If you *read* the ads, you will *know* what you're buying. If you *look at pictures* you probably won't. The mistake is not mine. The mistake is not the ads. When you figure out the mistake, people are more likely to help you. This is the end of the discussion.

I eventually ended up muting him, after he continued on, and insisted he was nothing but polite, and accused me of being rude. Yes, I was being rude, after he pushed and pushed and PUSHED and wouldn't stop.

So how did this whole thing end? See the guy in the LJ entry before this one? I gave him a free avatar. Since he wasn't being a dick about it.
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