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Wiki Wiki, who's got the wiki?

So, since ComicGen's admin backend is dead, I was reading Black Tapestries's entry in ComicGen's Wiki... and you know, it's not bad. That's not what I remember it originally being, but there's no trace of edits on this one...

So I get to the premise and I see this:

In a time when humans regard Kaetif as inferior, a very powerful Magus finds it in himself to become their champion. Lorelei resembles his long lost love in so many unique ways. Perhaps she is his love returned to life once more, or perhaps she is simply an unwitting pawn in a spiritual tug of war. In all, Lore must come to terms with her unique abilities, face off her inner demons, and come to terms with her true inner self in this action-oriented comic of High Fantasy.

Uhm, what? I know that's the opinion of a fan... that seems to really like Issac too much... and it's kinda correct, but it's putting /way/ too much emphasis on how /they think/ the story should go.

Normally I don't mess with Wiki entries about my stuff but I'm seriously thinking about rewriting this one. Seriously. Black Tapestries is about Lore and the world she's in, not about the world, Issac, oh and some chick named Lorelei (Who really needs to get a grip on that fox thing cuz we like it better than the icky human).

I do appreciate that someone took the time to write something. But could we make it a little less slanted and more, I dunno, like BT actually is?


Edit: Many thanks to Forefox who sent me a new premise. I edited it myself but he wrote it. I guess that counts, neh?
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