Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

So for everyone that believes...

In Coyote, the trickster spirit...

I updated the Coyote critter avatars on SL this weekend. Well I tried to. Starting Friday night, the grid had some noticable, annoying belches in the system. But I still managed to make the avatars. Then I noticed some of the avs mysteriously had the wrong AO (The wolf) which I realized that the changes I made to the AO from the night before must have been reverted with all the fuckity upness. So I fix that.

After all that work, I finally go to get the Coyotes in the vendors. Took 3 tries because the vendor kept stalling, one time stalling on Section 6, Category 60, Product #660. I'm not kidding. After that it kept stalling on numbers such as Sec 2, Cat 5, Product #300. Nothing special, just amusing enough to make me not want to rip all the hair out of my head. Finally, our sim crashes, get back on, vendor server is updating fine. I got the first two done. Immediately I go to update the last, main vendor (that most of our satellite stores use) and the entire data server of SL croaks, completely.

And today, I finally get all the vendors working (I think) and the Coyote updates are made available via notice. Immediately afterwards, our sim dies, and now I can't get back on.

For those that don't believe, yes, it's an amusing coincidence. But the fact that it's amusing despite the trouble, lends some credit to Coyote ;) For those that do believe, yes I'm laughing right there with you.

... And I just now noticed what was playing in the background, the only lyrics I caught "How would I know, That this could be my fate."

Yes, I think I do believe.
Tags: coyote spirit, sl

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