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Police Profiling

So I had to drop Bow off at the shop to pick up the van before work today. So just a couple of miles from home, I'm starting to go through a pretty bad neighborhood. Now I'm not racist (I hate everyone equally) but this is your stereotypical black neighborhood. But it's a 'rural' neighborhood, so it's not like inner city gangs and toughness. They just have pretty trashy looking houses and likely are involved in some drug problems and such. Well I reach this area and I get behind this car that is travelling VERY slowly, and driving VERY nervously. I thought maybe the person driving was old, but when I noticed all the cops, I knew something was up. Everytime a cop went by, this person slammed on their brakes and then drove off quickly and put their turning signal on but couldn't find the road to turn on.

Well of course the jackass turns on the road I have to turn on. Still going at least 10 under, we pass a house that is crawling with cops like ants on a picnic. The guy in front of me slows down even more. I see a cop coming down the road and then he turns around and follows us. Keeping in mind that I'm stuck behind this jackass, so I'm probably driving in a suspicious way as well.

Get to the stop sign, relieved that the jackass is turning left, cuz I need to turn right. Knowing that a cop is behind me, I make SURE the vehicle is STOPPED before I move. I turn, he follows. I turn onto the road connecting to my street, he flicks his lights on.

So, I'm driving what looks like a brand new Avalanche - with tinted windows and blingy wheels - through this awful neighborhood and he pulls me over, for, get this... not coming to a complete stop at the sign. When he comes up, he's paying more attention to the truck, checking it out, and my back seat, than he is me. He seemed kind of surprised that I was driving... like maybe he was expecting a younger black male maybe? I give him my info and that's when he tells me he pulls me over for not stopping. I knew that was bull, and I knew by the way he was checking out the truck that he thought I was a drug running or involved in whatever went down in that neighborhood.

So I'm sitting there, stewing, thinking that my first ticket was going to be for something I Know I DID. NOT. DO.

But he comes back out just a few minutes later, hands me back my stuff and tells me to be safe. He was gone long enough to radio to base, asked if I really did live up this road, and got the affirmative. No ticket, but a total waste of time.

And he completely killed my inspiration to work on BT tonight, something I was eagerly looking forward to doing. I am very thankful that he didn't give me a ticket, and I totally understand that he thought I might have been involved given my vehicle's description and the area. But I wish he didn't say I ran the sign. In cases like this, I'd rather the cops say nothing, even though I know they can't. "Routine traffic stop" would have been better.

Oh well.

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