Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,


Thanks for the advice on the last post guys. I originally didn't have the dual video cards selected cuz I didn't think I needed them. Bow told me "Might as well add those too". I think I might end up snooping around and seeing how much all the parts are individually, just to get a price comparison. Warranties are nice, but not if it's going to be ungodly expensive.

The main thing is, one needs an uber machine to get Vanguard to run right (It's a real bitch when it comes to that). Right now I have to restart my machine 3-4 times a night when I play it cuz the video keeps crapping out.

Speaking of Vanguard, Bow and I spent the past few days grinding our asses off on at certain very long, very arduous questline. After killing about 800 things, gathering a shitload of supplies, and fighting off a very harrowing boss ... twice... we ended up with...

Tags: vanguard shadowhound

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