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Just woke up..

Damn I'm groggy. I think PMS is slowly but surely worming it's way into my life once again. YAY! A friend of mine just showed me a forum where "weres" (or whatever the hell these people consider themselves to be) do nothing but bitch bitch whine and moan. Dear lord people are you lame. I think it's amusing that my friend, actually posted telling them how lame they are. They then whined in response and had the nerve to post this in the reply "It was for people who wanted to share what they though and felt." Well that's kinda what she was doing you idiots! I just love the excuses they make afterwards. Social goddamned rejects. I'm so sick of people too afraid to say anything in RL make themselves out to be complete and total badasses online. Look if I bitch a lot I'll get a lot of friends and attention! Uh huh, keep believing that my "friends", we shall see how long it lasts.

I've had a lot of wereish/shifting dreams lately. Unfortunately I've had a lot of dreams as myself being Lorelei. Mun hell? Damn straight. I get payback for everything I do to that bitch in RP, but it's soooo worth it >:) See kids, don't bitch on boards about people, just make up an RP character and beat the tar out of her.

Well anyway, I had a dream the other night I could fly, but I was still human. My shadow however was of a dragon, my same size, but definately draconic, especially the wings. I think it likes to show itself occassionally so I don't forget its there or something. Wolf is always so prominent, dragon is not. Typical I suppose, that's why it was so hard to figure out to begin with several years ago. Yay.

Oh well, I have character sketches and commissions to work on. Toodles.

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