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Yet ANOTHER edition of Don't Do This™

So, I got up early today because I couldn't sleep. Why? I dunno. Either way, I woke up and of course, the bullshit starts early. Thankfully forefox dealt with it.

So, our sim has rules... like any good sim. For those of you not of the SL Lingo, a sim is a 'simulator'. Usually people own parcels of a sim. We have a whole sim. So we made rules governing the whole sim, despite the fact that some shops are on it. We decided to make our sim PG. That doesn't really mean much off the mainland other than it lets other people know that this sim is probably safe from the sex stuff (Which is all over SL). Some people just don't seem to get it though.

One of our rules is "No visible bits". I know this is likely more info than anyone really needs, but most of the 'naughty bits' available on SL have an invisible mode, so no one can see it. Why? Because not everyone wants to see your cock, you tool!

So forefox caught someone on the sim wearing visible 'bits'. We warn people to remove their bits, usually in a not-so-nice fashion. We do this because IT'S RIGHT THERE IN THE RULES. And whenever anyone TPs into the SIM, they get slapped in the face with the rules notecard. It also says ignorance is not an excuse. And it's not. You want to come to this sim, you read the rules. If you don't want to come here, but want an avatar, go to one of our satellite or mainland stores. It's not hard!

If anyone is wondering, this guy is a self proclaimed furry. So he just helps that not-so-positive image the furries have in my eyes.

[10:13] Forefox Rolls: This is a PG sim. Please take off your bits.

Fore was much more polite about it than I would have been.

[10:13] Thorne In My Side: I just logged on, didn't realise I still had it applied, Simmer down o.o
[10:13] Thorne In My Side: damn...eagle eyes >>, I'm even on a building

Simmer down? If you just logged on with your bits, it means you logged off there with your bits on. How about you read the rules and not throw a fit when you're caught breaking them. Or just take them off and don't make stupid excuses.

[10:14] Forefox Rolls: Believe me when I say I am the most lenient of the other staff here. Just don't let it happen again.

He's much more patient than Bow or I would be.

[10:16] Thorne In My Side: O.o
[10:16] Thorne In My Side: Are you threatening me?

Paranoid much?

[10:17] Thorne In My Side: LIsten, I was in anothe area, and had it on. They ended up logging everyoen off, I had just logged on, and it brought me here

Lies. It wouldn't send you here, it would send you to the welcome center or your home location. It means you logged off here, and you had your bits on when you did it.

[10:17] Forefox Rolls: All I am saying is read the rules. You do not have to protest your case to me because I quite frankly do not care.

Good call.

[10:18] Thorne In My Side: I'm being kind...no need to threaten and say never let it happen again. If it happens, it happens. I didn't know it loaded with me. And if I was to run into one of your other staff memebers, they better hope they're as nice to me as possible.

Yes, sometimes it just happens. It's called 'making a mistake'. You sir made the mistake. I assure you, you are capable of making mistakes. It's what makes you human. And yes, you are human, if you try to hide it on SL with animal avatars. When you make the mistake on our sim, we ask you to remove that mistake because no one on a PG sim wants to see it. There are plenty of other sims so people can see your throbbing, glaring mistake.

And as nice to you as possible? Excuse me, but who the hell do you think you are? I don't /have/ to be nice to anyone. I usualy am, when they're not being a fucking dick to me or my staff

[10:19] Thorne In My Side: Well you better show m more respect. I'm sorry tha my bit was still on me, but dont' fucking threaten me

I think I must have missed the threat. Unless he means this one: And if I was to run into one of your other staff memebers, they better hope they're as nice to me as possible. Oh wait, he's the one that said it!

[10:19] Thorne In My Side: I've given this place over 10000 Lendens in the past week, if I accedently fuck up, it shouold be easily forgiven

Could it be lies? Cuz that particular avatar has only paid $2800L. $2800L = $10USD. $10,000L = $36USD. Island fee = $195USD/month. Mainland fees = $40USD/month. Yearly landholding fee = $72USD. Your precious $10 is such a non-contribution that I'd rather you keep it and not harass my staff.

[10:19] Forefox Rolls: All I am doing is conveying the rules of the sim. Like an officer that warns someone not to break the law again.
[10:20] Thorne In My Side: You're threatening me. It was an EASY mistake

YOU SIR made the mistake. Take off the bits and STFU. You sir are the one threatening. All Fore did was warn you that if one of US saw you, we'd ban your ass from the sim. Infact, I DID.

[10:20] Thorne In My Side: Something that ANYONE, including yourself could do without knwoing

No... I don't show up on PG sims accidentally wearing naughty bits. But when I do break rules, be it on a sim, on a forum, on a chat room, on a website, I say "oh I'm sorry" and proceed to STFU, not blame the staff, and endeavour not to make the mistake AGAIN.

[10:21] Forefox Rolls: None of that was a threat. When I said don't let it happen again is because I will not give you another warning. There is a difference, you just happen to receive everything as being hostile.
[10:23] Thorne In My Side: So if the same shit happens, to where I'm in another area, and I'm allowed to have my bits. THEY log me off, and I log back in again with them on here, you'll eject me

Uhm. It doesn't work that way. I know this. You know this. Stop lying. Stop making excuses.

[10:24] Thorne In My Side: Eject me from a place that I support rather well, like I'm nothing more then some random person?

Am I gunna hafta show the math again? $10,000L != $10,000USD

[10:24] Forefox Rolls: Yes.
[10:24] Forefox Rolls: Just because you pay a lot of money does not offer you any better treatment then any others that come here.


[10:24] Thorne In My Side: Wow, some customr relations you got going on there

This has nothing to do with you being a customer of The WereHouse. It has everything to do with you BREAKING THE RULES OF THE SIM.

[10:25] Forefox Rolls: Don't get me wrong though, it isn't about customer relations, it is upkeeping the rules of the sim.

Oh jeez, Fore said the same thing. GMTA

[10:25] Thorne In My Side: No, but I support this fucking place. You need to treat your customers with more respect, otherwise you won't have your little security job

You DO NOT support the WereHouse. We thank you for buying our avatars. But that is NOT SUPPORT. You do NOT contribute to monthly sim or mainland fees. You do not, in any way, contribute to the maintainance of the Sim. The WereHouse != Therianation. If you think you're so high and fucking mighty on your 'support' then stop 'supporting us' right fucking now. I don't want you to buy our avatars if this is the attitude you're going to have with and about us. Your $10 contribution isn't worth it. Try buying a BigMac from McD's and walk around naked in there. You think you 'contribute' to them to the point you can do whatever the fuck you want? WRONG WRONG WRONG.

[10:25] Forefox Rolls: The two are very different.
[10:25] Thorne In My Side: I'm not askign to walk around with my bits on, and fuck every person here
[10:25] Thorne In My Side: I'm askign you t UNDERSTAND that shit does happen
[10:25] Thorne In My Side: asking*

Well he COULD have just kicked your ass right out of the sim from the get go. What did you want him to do? Sugarcoat it and suck it off?

[10:27] Forefox Rolls: See, your making assumptions right off the back of this conversation and being hypocritical now. You blame me for threatening when what you said about me losing my job sounds like you'll do something about it. I'd like to see you try at the second.

Yes, do try.

[10:28] Thorne In My Side: A simple "Excuse me, could you please remove your bits" would of been FINE.

Uhm... [10:13] Forefox Rolls: This is a PG sim. Please take off your bits.


[10:28] Thorne In My Side: i was even being playful about it, and you basicly snapped back at me

Playful? Where? You were being a cock from the start.

[10:28] Thorne In My Side: I'll put every fucking Lended I have, every dollar I make IRL into havingyour ass fired if I want.

... BWAHAHAHA! Better watch out Fore, he's going to give me another $10 to get you fired!

[10:28] Thorne In My Side: you act like someone doesn't have a price

He's right. Fore's help in the store has been priceless. This log has been priceless. But you, sir, your $10 'contribution' isn't enough to get you unbanned right now

[10:29] Forefox Rolls: Now who's has the moral high ground? Your over reacting. I'm just being serious.

Oh Fore, you should have just stopped... These people just never learn.

[10:30] Thorne In My Side: You're just being a dick. warn me, but leave it at that

Uhm... [10:13] Forefox Rolls: This is a PG sim. Please take off your bits.


[10:30] Thorne In My Side: I was being playful at frist, and you wanted to snap again

You weren't being playful! You were being a COCK. A big, nasty cock like the thing that got you in trouble!

Looks like he simply can't detach the dick sitting at the KB.

[10:31] Forefox Rolls: My reply was in response to your comment after my first message. You decided to take it further and as a personal attack when it was not.
[10:33] Forefox Rolls: You made the wrong assumptions, and thought I was being more of a threat to you.
[10:34] Thorne In My Side: Don't talk anymore, i'm done listening. I hope to god that the same shit happens again, and I run into you

Translation: NYAAAAHH!! I've got my fingers in my ears! I can't hear you, I can't hear you! But I'm not going to mute you.

[10:35] Forefox Rolls: Alright, I'll be terminating this conversation. Have good one Thorne, and try not to make too many wrong assertions.
[10:39] Thorne In My Side: You know what funny? I was the nicest fucking person to you the firt time I met you. I even gave you L's after helping me with my Wolf AV

Wait. You said you were done listening. LIES! MORE LIES!

[10:39] Thorne In My Side: Now I realise how much of a dick you are
[10:41] Thorne In My Side: :(

It takes one to know one, as they say.

[10:43] Forefox Rolls: It was your decision to make during then. I also enforce the rules on the sim. I do both jobs and more which doesn't always land me in a place of upmost gratitude with people.

Now you know my pain, Fore.

[10:46] Thorne In My Side: Most of the time a peron things bad about a person, and avoids talking to them. I liked you, and even tried to getyou o friend me. I Gues they were ight about never judging a book by its cover

You probably jizzed all over the cover too.

[10:50] Forefox Rolls: Then do well in doing what you say, practice what you preach.

Never happen, my friend. It'll never happen.
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