Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

All the twits come out on labor day

Holy shit, SL is so full of twits today. Nothing special enough for me to post here. Well except maybe this one:

Unsatisfied Customer: Hi Jakkal - I just spent 1500 on a female Kaetif Panther and...uh...it wasn't really what I expected for that price. It doesn't even have a HUD and the AO is like, not much. I hate to be this way, but I was a little disappointed

Wasn't what you expected? It had everything about it listed on the ad. READ IT next time. It deosn't say ANYTHING about a HUD. They were made BEFORE huds existed on SL. And $1500L is NOT THAT MUCH. Buyer beware! Don't buy from us in the future!

Oh and if you don't get your avatar (Likely because of the mute bug) and my staff PMs you to ask you to check, DON'T KEEP PMING ME 7 TIMES EXPECTING AN ANSWER WHEN IT KEEPS TELLING YOU JAKKAL DINGO IS NOT ONLINE!

And for the others, the updates available are ON THE STUPID SIGN IN THE STUPID STORE. Stop PMing me asking for update cards for AVS THAT HAVE NO UPDATES.

And lastly, the GREATEST way to kill my inspiration is to continuously ask me when something will be done, made, etc that isn't a commission. You want to drop $100,000L into my account, then maybe I'll work on a particular species. Asking me constantly if I will make something only ensures that I DO NOT WANT TO WORK ON IT AT ALL. No quad bears for you!

Rant mode off.
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