Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

That Career Thing...

I think I broke it.

That or it just randomizes a bunch of useless shit.

Either way, I'd never use these people to find a job, holy shit.

1.Sports Instructor - Uhm. No. I like sports, teaching? No.

2.Coach - Isn't that the same thing?

3.Aquaculturist - WTF?

4.Interior Designer - Ahaha! They've never seen the state I keep our house in :P

5.Vending Machine Servicer - WTF?!?!

6.Industrial Designer - ...?

7.Animator Ok yeah, that's close

8.Sports Official - WTF??

9.Fashion Designer - Dude... I wear t-shirts and jeans everyday for a reason.

10.Model Maker - ...?

11.Tree Harvester - What is this, Vanguard?

12.Arborist - I hate botany.

13.Forestry Technician - ... th' hell?

14.Landscaper - No!

15.Planner - ??? Isn't that a program for MS Office?

16.Lineworker - Ahaha!

17.Fisher - Mm worms.

18.Gardener - Black thumb here.

19.Security Guard - Rar!

20.Heavy Equipment Operator - With as much benadryl as I have to take?

21.Graphic Designer - Finally, what I really am.

22.Artist - Ditto, and this came at #21???

23.Foreign Language Instructor - Certe Non.

24.ESL Teacher - What the hell is ESL?

25.Medical Illustrator - Yeah I actually thought about doing this one in college.

26.Telephone Operator - Operators still exist?

27.Computer Animator - True. This should come well before Heavy Equipment Operator and Gardener, shit...

28.Desktop Publisher

29.Computer Trainer - Me? Train others with computers? AHAHAH!

30.Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator - This is #30. Right.

31.Quality Controller

32.Automobile Assembler

33.Airport Ground Crew - ...? Am I the statistic maker?

34.Fruit and Vegetable Grower What the fuck?

35.Zookeeper - I could do it.

36.Sheet Metal Worker WTF?!?!

37.Boilermaker ...?

38.Welder Jakkals are very flammable. So No

39. Electrician Uhm, No.

40. Crane Operator ... Yeah.

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