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Don't Do This™: Pester Spam

This isn't as good or juicy as some of my past "Don't Do This" episodes. But this is so freaking annoying that I have to bitch about it somewhere.

To all you wonderful people, I'm glad you like my work. I really am. And I appreciate that you like it. I really do. That doesn't make me your slave, however. And, I hate to be the one to break it to you, I don't live on SecondLife. I live in the First Life, and use SecondLife as a fun little distraction to First Life. It's not a fun little distraction to the First Life when you pester me once a minute to ask: Are you Online?

Yes, I'm online. No, I'm not on SecondLife. Why? Because FirstLife work requires I work AWAY from SL! I can't even PM this guy back via email because he wouldn't be able to figure out that, no, I'm not on SL, and No, I can't help him right now.

How did this start? Last night during a griefer attack, SL is running very poorly. He bought an avatar. After somehow getting through to him what happened, I gave him the av and that seemed to be that. Then he started harassing me about it "not being flexi". After sending me PM after PM over that, I make Forefox deal with him (Because I was busy laying out pirate booty for an island treasure hunt). Fore then discovered that he HADN'T EVEN OPENED OUR BOX and wasn't even wearing our avatar. GOD FUCKING CHRIST how fucking stupid...

Anyway. As soon as I get up, he's PMed me several times.
[12:15] Mr Impatient: Hi I want to upgrade my chocolate lion ..
[13:36] Mr Impatient: Hello u are on ?
[14:16] Mr Impatient: hello
[15:03] Mr Impatient: hiya
[15:30] Mr Impatient: Hi are u online ?
[16:07] Mr Impatient: I want update my lion ;p
[16:30] Mr Impatient: I look but u online :P
[16:30] Mr Impatient: ehh no sry i only looking ;p beacuse i want to update my choco lion to adv ;p

Oh did I mention he doesn't speak English very well?

Well it doesn't end there!

[17:09] Mr Impatient: I look
[17:39] Mr Impatient: are u online ;) ?
[18:32] Mr Impatient: on ?

I'm so very tempted to respond to each one, individually "No, I'm not online". If he continues, he can forget getting the special rate to update his avatar to advanced, because I'm not going to let him spam my inbox (And cut everyone ELSE off) because he's an impatient ass.

And here's a visual aid, complete with "Delivery Capped" just as I suspected this ass would do. That means IMs I get after the cap don't get sent to me in-world. I would only get them through email (And hope email works) and it makes it harder to respond to them when I have to search to look up their profile (Which also doesn't always work with as lagged as SL has been lately)
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