Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

I wonder how long this can go on...

[4:54] Mr Impatient: Hello

[7:10] Mr Impatient: Hi are u online ?

[8:12] Mr Impatient: Hiya i want

[9:34] Mr Impatient: Hiya

[10:33]Mr Impatient: Hello U are an online ?
[10:34]Mr Impatient: OK i stop that ;p i wait when u IM Me ;p beacuse i'd like update my choco lion to advanced ;p

*Wait for it, wait for it....*

[11:37]Mr Impatient: Hiya

[12:56] Mr Impatient: Hello

I finally just replied with:
Sir if you continue to flood my IM inbox, causing SL to cap the deliveries of everyone else that tries to IM me, I will be forced to put you on ignore. If you need something via the WereHouse please contact Forefox Rolls.

Edit, he replied, go figure:
[14:34]Mr Impatient: ok but sry somebody give me something shit and all my money go to fuck ;/

I know he's not saying he doesn't have the money to upgrade. I know he's not. If he is, I'm muting him, and he can buy the whole damn thing outright.

Edit #2:
Okay, he gets his name in here now. No more playing nice.
[14:54] Emil Kayo: Hi i want to upgrade my choco lion to advanced
[14:59] Emil Kayo: Please request and i payd u :)

Sir I would point you to this thing on SL's website called "Transaction History". See it tells me exactly who pays what and when.

Guess who's name doesn't show up?

Guess who's getting muted?

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