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Sometimes I wonder if people are trying to fuck with my head...

So I had to finally mute that other guy I bitched about when his PMs became nothing more than "'" "-" and "1". No, I'm not joking. He was clearly checking once every few minutes to see when I was online. So screw him.

Now I'm getting PMs with wonderful examples of the English Language such as:

[22:37] WTFucker1: I pay oen af yous god ( collie brown) bot I in my Inventory hav I wen not sow wil you not giv my wen plizzzz

[22:39] WTFucker1: and des it 3 day I pay wen for I winted to you giv me sow :? plizzz giv me wen

To which I replied with:
"... What? Mind repeating that in English?"

And then shortly after...

[0:41] WTFucker2: hello
[0:42] WTFucker2: yes i am a byer of 1 of your avs u made
[0:44] WTFucker2: but the bear av the 1500 one yes it das wlak on 4 feet as it shown and said it will i am useing ao for it but still not walking so if u can help me fix it or refun my muney wuld be grate but i am a big fen of your work i love what u make kep it up ! :D u r realy good at it ^_^ i hope u can help em tho ty for readiing this

Gotta love the thanks for reading it. Really, it deserves thanking. That took a lot of EFFORT to read that.

I think I'm just going to start ignoring people who can't even make an attempt to speak properly. Seriously, how the hell am I supposed to figure this shit out? (Yes, I know what they're saying, you don't have to try to translate, though I know many of you will).
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