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I swear to god...

Yes the holy ramalama ding dong goddamn christan god, that I have no faith in the people that run this country. Well it was obvious with Bush et al. He's just insane. He just shows that Americans need to actually take control and vote on their presidents instead of letting some chimp in the white house.

But I'm sitting here reading this article on CNN, yes, this one.

Yes, gay marriage again. Look at what this twit has to say:

"There is no single clear solution to this issue," said Lees, who sponsored the measure with Senate President Robert Travaglini. "If there was such a solution, we wouldn't be here today. But this amendment attempts to strike a balance between those citizens who want to be heard in defining marriage yet never taking away the rights and benefits of gay and lesbian couples."

But just before that it states:

The revised version adopted Monday would ask voters to simultaneously ban gay marriage and legalize civil unions -- rather than taking those steps separately. It clarifies that civil unions would not grant federal benefits to gay couples.

You know it saddens me greatly to live in a country ruled by arrogant blind monkeys, I swear. I'm not gay, but I see clearly what this amounts to. Tradition and semantics. Fine, call it a civil union, but for the love of god, GIVE THEM EQUAL RIGHTS!! How fucking hard is that to understand you stupid governmental whores.

Marriage is NOT a sacred union between a man and a woman. It's a legally binding agreement that's easily broken through many hours of wasted government time. Not only that, but it's a great way for people to steal each other's stuff if they didn't get prenups!

Anyway, marriage is hardly sacred, look at the divorce rate. I mean look at it. Sacred? Hardly. And as far as the government is concerned, -nothing- is sacred save our freedom and our rights as citizens. Allowing gay marriages does not take anyone's freedom or rights away. Period.

Oh and here's a very bashworthy statement:

"I'm just here to support Christ," said Olivia Long, 32, of Boston, a parishioner at New Covenant Christian Church. "We love all people, but we want to keep it like it was in the beginning."

We won't even GO there about "How it was in the beginning." Makes you wonder how many had stones ready to chuck at the gay-rights peoples.

All for now.

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