Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Okay,This has to be on purpose

So the guy I bitched about this morning? WTFucker1? Well. He must be in league with the other idiot that wouldn't stop PMing me constantly.

[5:22] WTFucker1: I pay and I hav wen not GIV ME WEN
[5:45] WTFucker1: GIV ME COLLIES NEW!
[5:47] WTFucker1: VAH!
[5:47] WTFucker1: DU ER OND MOD MIG
[5:48] WTFucker1: GIV COLLIES NEW!
[5:48] WTFucker1: ARE YOU HOUSE!
[5:49] WTFucker1: GIV COLLIES NEW!
[5:51] WTFucker1: GIV NEW!
[5:54] WTFucker1: GIV NEW!
[6:21] WTFucker1: can you giv me colle and GSDs I giv pay to gange and so you have 3000L$ from me, pliz :)

And all I asked of him was to try it again in English. This isn't just a non-native engish speaker. People who don't speak English as their first language at least make the attempt to get it right. You can usually pick out a babelfish translation, if anything it's garbled english, but usually easy to identify the words and meanings.

This, I don't know what the the fuck this is. I'm guessing he didn't get avatars he's paid for. But I'm not going to make it simple when they do shit like flood my inbox. Unless he tells me in straight forward, non-idiot speak, he's not getting shit out of me.

Edit: I wanted to write him back in some foreign language so he knows how it feels. A friend on Kaerwyn translated it to Dutch for me, So I just replied with "Mijn excuses maar ik kan u niet verstaan. Zou u het alstublieft in het Engels zeggen."

Let's see how he takes that. (My guess is more incoherent spewing). I'm starting to think he's the same guy as the first idiot that wanted his chocolate lion advanced.

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