Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

I'm really no good at subjects...

So guardlion came to visit us this weekend. And he got the Dell working! And apparently it was set up with the mirrored raid so all we had to do was put one of the drives in the new machine. But whatever, he got the Dell working! So he's the hero of the moment.

Really I think the Dell was just protesting my use of it, cuz I think he only had to just ... turn the damn thing on.

Also thanks to everyone that helped me restore the music collection. Though I'm still missing some, and I really want to get "Under the Milky Way" by The Church. If anyone has that, can you toss it my way?

So the new comp is all set up and the only thing missing is still the wacom. Why? Uhm ... I have to clean off my desk to fit it, it's very large. And me and clean don't often mix, it's like oil and water.

I haven't done much of anything for the past couple of weeks, on SL or whatever. While the Dell was down and I was bored, I ended up RPing a bit more on Kaerwyn... and got myself so freaking addicted because of a storyline we came up with out of the blue. I'm telling you, it's like being hooked on a really good book, the kind you can't put down, but you're /part/ of it, helping to create it. And not one of the players knows what's going to happen. And that's what makes it so damn awesome.

This is Wolf Awareness week, btw. I'm giving all my Wolf sales from SL to the Defenders of Wildlife... I really should post that in SL somewhere, but I've been avoiding it cuz of all the errors lately, and the really bitchy people PMing me wondering where their avs are. Sigh.

All for now.

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