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I exist! Oh and redecorating...

I know, a lot of people wonder where I've been. No, I didn't get a life. Our third bedroom, which we call "the Office" (It's my office) or "The Computer Room" got a renovation. I wonder if I can put this on my taxes? Oh well. Bow's been wanting to rip the carpet out of here for a long time, and I agree with him. The dogs like laying in here and they get the carpet all messy. Midnite likes to lick it and Trakker sheds like a husky. He's only half a husky but he sheds like a purebred, lemme tell ya.

So I haven't been on much because I've been stuck in the living room, only using the new machine (Endymion). I don't want to install much non-work related stuff on Endymion, so I was pretty silent on LJ and some other things. Because of the situation it was very uhm, devastating to my inspiration, so I didn't really work on many pics. Though I did sketch out This Picture of Endymion and then Colored It. I don't know what he's pissed about, but I'm willing to bet it has something to do with the current plot he's involved in. But only people on Kaerwyn know about that.

Anyway, to the comp room! New stone tile floor. Also painted the blue wall purple. I intend to get some glow in the dark paint and paint some stars and stuff on it. That'll be cool.

Here's the old setup:

Yeah, messy as hell. Carpet ain't shown. It was mostly black from Trakker's fur.

New setup!

OMG. Clean! Don't worry, it won't be this way for long.

Better view of the new setup

Better view of the older BT machine:

The New machine "Endymion" with the "BT" machine in the background

Midnite Rests after doing a hard day's work barking and licking the floor

Trakker seems apathetic.

I'll be X-posting this to the BT Journal - blacktapestries
Tags: endymion, new comp room, new computer

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