Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

And just in time for my return to The Office™... (Don't Do This)

Look, a complete and total dick on SL.

Gasp! That's right, on SL!

Who woulda thunk?

Notice that I didn't edit out his name. Fuck him.

[19:19] Milos Weston: Are you on line. I jsut bought a wolf and it looks pretty bad

I wasn't, but I came on a few minutes after he sent his woe-is-me plea for help

[19:25] Milos Weston: This can't be what It's supposed to be can it? Milos - Help! I wanted to show a client a good animal avatar

He shows me the avatar by sending me a pic of it. It's supposed to be the quadruped gray wolf avatar. He has the skin on, the tail, and the head (Snarling, and on the wrong attachment point). Obviously he doesn't know what he's doing. I thought maybe it was that bug where all your attachments end up in your crotch, it's hard to see on the critters, so I suggested a generic:

[19:25] Jakkal Dingo: You might want to relog and try to wear the avatar again.
[19:25] Jakkal Dingo: That's an SL bug
[19:25] Milos Weston: ok
[19:26] Milos Weston: Thatl's what they all say

Remember that line for later.

[19:26] Jakkal Dingo: SL is full of them I'm afraid. Try putting another avatar on, relog, then put it back on
[19:26] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[19:28] Milos Weston: This is ridiculas
[19:29] Milos Weston: This avatar does not work
[19:29] Milos Weston: It's not at all like the picture

So I'm thinking he probably just unpacked a few of the parts because "Click here to Unpack" is too much for him

[19:30] Milos Weston: I can't believe you get away with selling this?

The hundreds of other people who have bought the avatars didn't seem to have a problem with it. Go figure.

[19:30] Milos Weston: I know glen fisher
[19:30] Milos Weston: Glenn

And I see dead people.

What the fuck?
Who the hell is Glenn Fisher?

[19:31] Milos Weston: When I log back on I either want a good avatar or my money back. I go to Lindens if not

Ha, go to the lindens. We all know they won't do anything anyway. Trust me, they do nothing for real problems.

[19:31] Jakkal Dingo: ok, I think you need to calm down. Do you still have the box that the avatar came in?
[19:31] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

Yeah, go figure.

So I take care of other people that actually /need/ help, and then I notice he's online again.

[19:58] Jakkal Dingo: Did you get it figured out?

So he says nothing for so long that I thought he did.

[20:25] Milos Weston: the avatar I bought from you scrrewed up my original avatar. My ebrows are white not and I can't adjudt them

So I'm sitting here thinking, "Oh god, what the fuck?" For information's sake, someone's avatar cannot "Screw up" another avatar. He likely didn't have a specific shape or skin on. So the one from the wolf "stayed on" when he put the new av on. It's dumb like that. And newbies can't figure it out.

[20:25] Milos Weston: I want money back
[20:26] Milos Weston: I will complain to Glen and tory

Oh no, it's Glen AND Tory now! Well I know.. Tom, Dick AND Harry! My imaginary friends can beat up your imaginary friends!

[20:27] Jakkal Dingo: Okay what you're describing is not something the avatar is capable of doing.
[20:27] Jakkal Dingo: I don't know who Glen and Tory are.

Both facts!

[20:27] Milos Weston: they run SL lindens

Oh, and here I thought SL was run by a guy named Phillip Rosedale, the CEO of Linden Labs.Silly me! I'll just have Tom, Dick, and Harry go buy them out. Then my guys will own SL.

[20:27] Milos Weston: Look at my eyebrows
[20:27] Milos Weston: I can't adjust them

Yes. Look at them. You can see them can't you? Obviously he expected me to... Even though I WASN'T ANYWHERE NEAR HIM.

[20:27] Jakkal Dingo: If you have the box that the avatar originally came in, I'd suggest dragging it to the ground and clicking on it. That will unpack it into your inventory as a folder named "CrittersV2WolfGray"

Enter the generic help support. This guy is a dumbshit and not willing to listen, so just feed him the line on how to wear the stupid avatar

[20:28] Milos Weston: I did that I want money back

Of course you do.

[20:28] Jakkal Dingo: Then drag that folder onto your avatar, and it will put the parts on.
[20:28] Milos Weston: I want my original avatar back

Yeah, cuz I made all the avatars in SL and can help you with every single one of them.

[20:28] Milos Weston: It was fine before this
[20:28] Milos Weston: I was trying this on for a client and look whaqt hapened

Well that's what you get when your client wants to fuck a dog.

[20:29] Milos Weston: I have none of your avatar on and I have white eyebrows. ruined

Funny, my avatar doesn't have white eyebrows either.

[20:30] Milos Weston: that's about 30 dollars all together

If THAT avatar (cuz see below, I did meet him) was worth $30, I am in the /wrong/ business. But this guy was probably a follower of the Julian Montale school of whining. When in doubt, inflate the price.

[20:30] Jakkal Dingo: Can you meet me somewhere? What you're describing isn't possible.
[20:30] Milos Weston: I am in dementia

That's so good I don't even have to make a joke about it. Yes he really was in a sim named Dementia.

[20:31] Milos Weston: though you wanted to see
[20:32] Milos Weston: I have not a way to adjust this avatar any more
[20:33] Milos Weston: Your avatar is not even working on you
[20:33] Milos Weston: half your back legs are missing

Uh no, my avatar was /fine/.

[20:33] Jakkal Dingo: This is starting to sound like it might be a technical issue on your end
[20:33] Milos Weston: that's what every one says
[20:33] Milos Weston: when something doesn
[20:33] Milos Weston: 't work

If everyone is telling you that it's a technical issue, then guess what, it's probably a technical issue. We don't sit there and build shit to scam people. God knows it's not worth this much trouble.

[20:34] Milos Weston: I was fine before I put your thing on

I sent him a screenshot of my avatar, right infront of his, to prove that it was all there, working properly.

[20:34] Milos Weston: so what

So what? So it's working, and it might PROVE that your client is FUCKED UP. But really we know it's not the client. It's the thing between the chair and the keyboard.

[20:34] Milos Weston: what about my original avatar and the one I put on that scrrewed me up

Yeah, what about it? See me giving a shit? Giving a shit wasn't programmed into this av.

[20:35] Milos Weston: like I said I was fine
[20:35] Milos Weston: You lose recommendationa and get a complaint

Oh yeah, like I want someone like you recommending my stuff to others. A complaint! Oh noes! I have so many... I should charge for taking them!

[20:35] Jakkal Dingo: So, this is our avatar. This is what it is supposed to look like. I can only help you with our avatars, I can't help you with other avatars.
[20:35] Jakkal Dingo: Our avatars cannot affect other avatars, it's not possible. However there are technical bugs that might affect your avatar, and that is beyond anything I can help you with. That's for SL's tech suport.
[20:36] Milos Weston: I t nver did look like that and it scrrewed me up when I tried to get back
[20:36] Milos Weston: You want to play that way fine

Yes, I want to play like a reasonable adult that understands that sometimes SL doesn't work properly. I sent in WS, my lacky, to help defuse the situation. Unfortunately he kind of stood there and nothing got accomplished.

[20:36] Jakkal Dingo: WolfShaman here is part of our help staff, he might be able to help you further.
[20:36] Milos Weston: lIke how
[20:37] Milos Weston: more talk

Yes, talk. Our av works fine. You don't.

[20:37] Jakkal Dingo: I'm afraid talk is all we can give you as our products work fine, cannot do anything to other products. This issue is on your end.
[20:37] Milos Weston: I complain to lindens and you lose lots of business
[20:38] Jakkal Dingo: Feel free.

I'm.. so worried.

[20:38] Milos Weston: I was going to buy lots of animalos
[20:38] Jakkal Dingo: Well I'm sorry that SL isn't working for you. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about that.

Oh no, the threat of "I was gunna". That's worth less than the lindens he paid me.

[20:38] Milos Weston: Instead you refuse even to take repsonsibiltiy Sl ? no it s yo9ur place'
[20:39] Jakkal Dingo: SL is not mine, I don't own it. I only build avatars.

Maybe if I told him I owned SL, like this clever "Glen" and "Troy" did, that he'd listen to me. That or he'd just bitch to me about other people that "screw him over" when he has their so called "Technical Difficulties."

[20:39] Milos Weston: not very well

Man, what a dick.

[20:39] Jakkal Dingo: The avatars work fine so long as SL works fine.

Time to get tough.

[20:39] Milos Weston: it has to adust for you

I do believe he meant "It has to just for you". As in, the avatar only needs to work for me. Because once I get the avatar working for me, I can break it, and /then/ sell it. That's how things are done on SL. ... Now that I Think about it, that is kinda how the Lindens work. Maybe he DOES know them!

[20:39] Milos Weston: all other things work fine or did
[20:39] Jakkal Dingo: Well hundreds of other people disagree with you.
[20:39] Milos Weston: let's see them
[20:39] Milos Weston: whre is all the volu;me
[20:39] Jakkal Dingo: Well here's two avs right infront of you.
[20:40] Milos Weston: your legs look screwed
[20:40] Jakkal Dingo: If you want to hang out at our store and watch people buy them, you can feel free
[20:40] Jakkal Dingo: My legs look fine, I showed you the screenshot.
[20:40] Milos Weston: 'I havn't seen anyone

Well if you can't see anyone, then ... maybe you're... having technical difficulties?

[20:40] Jakkal Dingo: The fact that I'm here and even trying to get through to you should prove something.

That I have the patience of a saint when dealing with an idiot

[20:40] Milos Weston: well then do something
[20:41] Milos Weston: sneaky
[20:41] Milos Weston: ?
[20:42] Milos Weston: so what ?
[20:42] Milos Weston: you can't help me can you
[20:42] Milos Weston: ]and won't

If by help you mean "Give you all your money back." then no. If by help you mean "Sit here and put up with your shit" then yes, we will.

[20:43] Milos Weston: I can see both of you
[20:43] Jakkal Dingo: I'm standing here trying to help you despite your complete refusal to listen to reason.

Starting to get cranky...

[20:43] Milos Weston: money back

I couldn't say this on SL cuz he could have really ARed me, but sir, go fuck yourself.

[20:43] Jakkal Dingo: Show me the avatar
[20:43] Milos Weston: what about this one
[20:43] Jakkal Dingo: We don't give refunds. If the avatar doesn't work, we'll replace it.
[20:43] Jakkal Dingo: I didn't build that avatar, you'll have to take it up with the person that made it.
[20:44] Milos Weston: It was fine until i upt your on
[20:44] Jakkal Dingo: Your Client is NOT running right. You need to take this up with SL's tech support.
[20:44] Jakkal Dingo: I CANNOT help you with that. I don't know HOW I can make that more clear.
[20:44] Milos Weston: I'll take it up with sl alright
[20:45] Milos Weston: I wasn't kidding about knowing lindens

I know lindens too, 1500 of them, that I took from you for that avatar, hahah sucker. Yeah. Try threatening me more and see how far you get.

[20:45] Jakkal Dingo: You feel free. And they'll tell you exactly what I'm telling you.
[20:45] Milos Weston: that you can't and won't suppoort your busines practice
[20:45] Jakkal Dingo: OH I do sir. The fact that I'm here and trying to help you proves it.
[20:45] Jakkal Dingo: I can't help you when SL isn't running right for you.
[20:45] Milos Weston: how?
[20:46] Jakkal Dingo: I'm trying to explain to you how SL works. If /everyone/ is telling you "the same thing" then chances are /they/ are probably right.
[20:46] Jakkal Dingo: If /you/ are the only person having a problem, the /problem/ is likely on your end
[20:46] Milos Weston: there is the box

So he drops a box that has a pic of our wolf on it, but isn't our avatar.

[20:47] Jakkal Dingo: That is not our product
[20:47] Jakkal Dingo: This is our box

I show him the box the av came in. I already knew he bought the av because it's in the records, but I felt like being a smartass to him.

[20:47] Milos Weston: What is he talking about then
[20:47] Jakkal Dingo: he who?

Apparently the voices in his head (Glen and Tory) were saying something to him just then....

[20:48] Milos Weston: I bought this here
[20:49] Jakkal Dingo: That's something that someone else made. It's got a picture of our wolf on it, but it's not ours. If you're having a problem with that, you need to contact the creator of that box.
[20:50] Milos Weston: this is it
[20:50] Milos Weston: that was just genstures]

Finally he shows our av box.

[20:50] Jakkal Dingo: yes, click on it to unpack, then drag that folder onto your av
[20:52] Milos Weston: and now?
[20:52] Jakkal Dingo: drag the folder onto yourself
[20:52] Jakkal Dingo: ok you must have moved the head somehow. You're going to have to get a copy of the head out of the box and replace it.
[20:54] Milos Weston: This is what happened before
[20:54] Milos Weston: what about the head then
[20:55] Jakkal Dingo: detach the one you're wearing and delete it. drag the head object from the box and put it in the avatar's folder.
[20:55] Jakkal Dingo: Then right click on the new head and go to "Wear"
[20:55] Milos Weston: how do I drag it outr of the box
[20:55] Jakkal Dingo: Ok rez the box again, this place has an auto return on
[20:56] Jakkal Dingo: It's the last part in the box, named "Wolf Head V3.5 Scripted". Drag that from the box into your inventory, in the folder the avatar is in
[20:58] Milos Weston: fuck\
[20:58] Jakkal Dingo: ah I see, the head got moved to another attachment point. You need to detach that and delete it
[21:00] Milos Weston: Inow what
[21:01] Milos Weston: you are not able to do this?
[21:02] Jakkal Dingo: no, I'm afraid not.
[21:02] Milos Weston: you scrrewed up two avatars
[21:02] Jakkal Dingo: Right click on the head that you're wearing now. And make sure your inventory is open to the avatar's folder. When you detach it, it will no longer be bold and bright
[21:03] Jakkal Dingo: I didn't screw anything up. Now listen if you want this fixed.
[21:03] Jakkal Dingo: Detach that head, which YOU moved somehow, and when it is no longer highlighted, delete it from your inventory. Replace it, and only it, with a head, just the head, from the box into that avatar's folder.
[21:04] Milos Weston: The head is just as bright as other type
[21:04] Jakkal Dingo: Then delete any heads you have in that folder.
[21:04] Milos Weston: It's in the trash
[21:05] Jakkal Dingo: ok now rez the box, and drag the head object from the box to the avatar folder. Just the head.
[21:06] Milos Weston: now what
[21:07] Jakkal Dingo: Right click on the head that's in your inventory and go down to "Wear"
[21:07] Jakkal Dingo: and there you go, working avatar
[21:08] Milos Weston: When I treied to take this off before that is when the eyebrow trouble began
[21:08] Milos Weston: how does this come off
[21:09] Jakkal Dingo: You usually take off avatars by replacing them with other avatars. The wolf avatar doesn't have any gray eyebrows, I suspect there is a hair skin or something on your avatar that ours covers, but your other one doesn't.
[21:09] Jakkal Dingo: Our avatars cannot interfere with other avatars except in cases where it's an SL bug related to graphic cards and Open GL
[21:09] Milos Weston: so that avatar is screwed
[21:10] Jakkal Dingo: I don't know, because I don't know what's wrong with it or what caused it. I'd suggest talking to either the person that made it, or someone in the SL Mentor group

And like an idiot myself, I went through all that actual help support. People, don't dare say that werehouse won't help people. This is fucking proof.

[21:11] Milos Weston: Well I didn't want to be a wolf like I said I was shopping for a client
[21:11] Milos Weston: this is really not a good thing'
[21:11] Jakkal Dingo: well I unfortunately cannot help you with that.
[21:11] Milos Weston: Unfurtonately it will cost you lindens
[21:12] Jakkal Dingo: Feel free.

Yeah, it'll cost me lindens. Cuz the $240 USD I put into SL every month doesn't count for anything at all.

[21:12] Milos Weston: I will not buy anything else here that is for sure and I will complain
[21:12] Jakkal Dingo: Oh you feel free to do that too.

Just don't complain to me, I don't wanna hear it.

[21:13] Jakkal Dingo: Are you done wasting my time over an avatar that costs less than a cheeseburger?
[21:13] Milos Weston: My other avatar you have no business saying that about'
[21:13] Milos Weston: It's an identity
[21:14] Jakkal Dingo: You bought a gray wolf avatar. There is nothing wrong with the gray wolf avatar. I can't help you beyond anything that might be wrong with the gray wolf avatar. Nothing else is my business.

You know, like how you know lindens, or how I'm going to get introuble, or why you bought that avatar. None of my business. My business is making sure that avatar works. It works. I can't help it if the user is broken. Bitch to God about that one. He won't give you the tech support that *I* did.

[21:14] Milos Weston: If the money doesn't mater perehaps you should give money back

Oh look. He's starting to get a smattering of a brain. Unfortunately putting up with him was more costly than the avatar. No way I'm giving it back.

[21:14] Milos Weston: less than a cheesburgeer as you say
[21:14] Jakkal Dingo: You paid for an avatar. You got the avatar. Have a good day.
[21:14] Milos Weston: Ok you got it
[21:15] Milos Weston: got your cheeseburger money

I wish I really did have a cheeseburger.

[21:15] Milos Weston: cheap bastard]
[21:15] Jakkal Dingo: I look forward to hearing from your Linden friends.

Stupid motherfucker.

That's it. If he adds anything else, I'll edit.
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