Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

I arted again...

Actually I started this one before the last painting. The other was a burst of inspiration really.

This one is a portrait of the two characters.

As mentioned previously and cryptically in other journal entries, Endymion (We call him Endy) is an Orderman. So it's a shocker to anyone familiar with the BTverse that an Orderman would be seen with a Kaetif, let alone love one.

Niixa ain't really a Kaetif though, she's a halfbreed of mostly Xarax-hil, anthropomorphic salty raccoons created by neek_iiroz. We call them Crackoons. She's also part dog, which is why she's not quite raccoon in appearance.

In any case, they really do love each other, despite their players always tearing them apart. >:D We play them in the public The Realm Of Kaerwyn RP.

Took about a week. Admittedly it took longer for me to paint Endymion's face than Niixa's face, hair and arms. Really I need to practice more with humans. I tried to go for a sort of oil painting look with it. Though I think I screwed that up by making Niixa's fur look a little too detailed for it. Oh well, it's a product of pure inspiration, which is so rare for me these days. It was good to paint again as well.

Endymion And Niixa by ~Drakkolupen on deviantART
Tags: art, endymion, kaerwyn, niixa, painting

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