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The Most Awesomest Christmas Present

It was in the year 2000, when I got my first job as an in-house web designer, that we took our first bold step into buying a vehicle that wasn't 20+ years old. We went to the dealer, looking to buy a truck for Bow to use on his route, and we stopped at the local chevy dealership. We found two vehicles that we could afford with our credit. One was a 94 Red Nissan Truck 4wd. The other was a 99 Indigo blue Chevy S10 2wd.

Really it wasn't a choice. As soon as I laid my eyes on that blue exterior, I knew, selfishly that truck /would be mine/. They let us take it home for a night or two to decide if we liked it. The next day, and many pieces of paperwork later, it was ours.

At the bitter end of 2001, we traded it in for a 2002 Silverado, and I never forgave myself for that decision. While the Silverado was a much better truck, and a better value overall, I still loved my little S10.

Since that day, I vowed another S10 /would be mine/. I would /not/ compromise, the truck would be /exactly/ what I wanted. Of course, for the next several years, we couldn't afford another one.

Until today. When Bow got me the most awesomest Christmas present ever!

2003 Indigo Blue Chevrolet S10 ZR2. This thing has a KBB for $13,000, we got it for $9200. How? The Unfortunate part is that this truck is a Salvage title vehicle. It was wrecked in the front and declared totalled. A dealer bought the truck and had it repaired for his kid. Then at some point he decided to sell it. Because of the salvage title, of course, it lost a lot of value. You also can't get a car loan for a salvage title vehicle. At this price, that would hurt a lot of potential buyers. I've been saving up for one, though. And through a small personal loan from the bank, we managed to get the funds we needed to buy it.

And the best part of all...

Five Speed ZR2's are very hard to come by. 5sp ZR2's in Indigo Blue are that much more rare. 5sp Indigo Blue ZR2's with an undeniably low price tag: Priceless.

It is pure awesome on wheels! :D
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