Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

The new graphics card...

Thanks to everyone that replied to my last post. Just after I posted that, I did a search for "8800 GTX WinXP 64" to see if I could find any known issues, after I figured it must be a XP64 thing. I just happened to click on a link to a set of drivers from October for this card (Not even on nVidia's site. At this point I was a little desperate, and thought "What the hell." The latest available drivers were from December or so.

I installed the older drivers. I didn't bother to do anything fun or fancy, like remove the previously installed drivers. I guess this was my way of 'kicking' the machine and hoping it worked.

It worked.

I've been crafting on Vanguard for the past two days. I've had standard Vanguard issues*. SL has been just fine. How is this possible? Well I'll explain it in the only way I possibly can. I named the Machine after a primitive Raekartan Mage. Obviously doing something odd made it work.

*The running gag is that Vanguard will be better when it's "Out of Beta".

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