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Don't Do This!™

I've had this same thing come up several times now that I'm finally posting it here. The last time, the guy was such a jerk that I was going to post it, only he was german, barely spoke english, and the whole mess was very confusing. So I opted not to post it.

This time, however, I'm posting it because it's the same situation, and fairly clear cut.

By the way, I'm getting a major dislike of Europeans as this shit goes on. Stop fucking freaking out. This is SecondLife, it's buggy, you don't always get your stuff, and any good merchant *will* work with you to make sure you get the fair deal. Name removed to protect the idiot.

As always, my comments in italics.

First, he starts out doing the thing that pisses me off the most -> Jerk-of-a-Newb has offered to become your friend in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.

You might be wondering why this pisses me off. People "friend" you to see when you come on, even if you have your privacy setting on (Which is pretty useless in itself, but anyway). When you get the friend notice, you have to accept or decline. There is no ignore. And no matter which you do, they are notified of it, and when you do it. In other words, it's a great way to see when someone comes online. I consider that an invasion of my privacy. In addition, I've had several people use that to start IM spamming the shit out of me as soon as I come on and decline them. That's when I caught on to why people do this, and why I hate it so much.

Jerk-of-a-Newb: plz contact me

Mistake number two. I get how many fucking IMs a day? I can't keep up with what I have. It's in my profile, don't friend me, don't IM me with 'hi' and get to the fucking point. If you tell me to just IM you back, I won't. Why? I'm busy, if I actually contacted everyone back that didn't give me any info, I wouldn't have time to do anything on SL.

Wait for it, wait for it... ->Jerk-of-a-Newb has offered to become your friend in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.

Jackass did it again.

Jerk-of-a-Newb: hi
Jerk-of-a-Newb: can you contact me quiqkly plz

So he IMs me again, because he's obviously impatient (This is when I sleep people), does he get to the point? Does he give me the required information to assist him /when I do come on/? No? He wants me to be there when he is? What? How fucking stupid...

Jerk-of-a-Newb: hi
Jerk-of-a-Newb: I have bu your drakkenav v.2 to 1400L but, when that give me I have touch decline -_-,can you give me one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Finally, we get to the root of the issue. He finally grew brains and gave me what I needed. Notice how he also says he declined it. Yeah, it happens. It's his fault, but this is SL and these things happen. We have a sign in our shop that says, don't worry, we will give you the avatar - If you give us the information and you WAIT FOR US TO COME ON.

Looking back, he probably hit decline because of people constantly sending him friendship spam! It's the same dropdown! No wait, I doubt anyone would friend him. if he acts like this.

Jerk-of-a-Newb has offered to become your friend in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.

Because twice isn't good /enough/.

[11:03] Jerk-of-a-Newb: sorry to friend you, please don't ignored me, please,and if oyu don't want give me one, I report you, because it's an accident and if youd on't give em you can be ban

Oh and here we go, impatience gives way to anger! Now he's sorry that he friended me, probably because he realized -> Hey, she's not online! Though he's probably actually thinking, "She's ignoring me, that bitch!" You better stop ignoring me, because I made a mistake, and because I made a mistake, if you don't fix it, I'll ban your ass!

Please. How many griefers are allowed to toodle around on SL and harass people incessently and they're still around? The last thing LL is concerned about is some impatient jackass that ON HIS OWN clicked "Decline."

This folks, is the shit I get all the time. They buy something, they don't get it. Most of the time it's their own fault. Yes, SL has bugs and yes, sometimes our vendors don't work right. I consider that our fault, (Even if it's SL's issue). But in these cases : Click Decline, Busy mode set, I'm on their mute list, Accidentally deleted the box -> That's their fault. We'll still work with them and give them copy of avs they bought. But /that is their fault/. And yet, despite this happening so much /that is their fault/ I am /constantly/ being threatened with bans.

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not pointing out this 'it's their fault' stuff to say we're infallable. I know we make mistakes and we work to correct them. I'm bringing it because so many people who screw up immediately blame me and threaten me in various ways. Like the last guy, the german. Every other line out of his mouth was "I'll get you banned if you don't help me!" I came real close to not helping him because I was sick of the line.

In this case, I'm going to let this asshole stew just because he did threaten me, when it was his own damn fault. Good shopkeeper mentality? No. Tired of getting shit on by asshole customers? Yes.

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