Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Followup to Jerk-of-a-Newb

I came on SL today to do my daily work (I don't go on SL during the weekends) and I got to Jerk-of-a-Newb's issue. And I sat there for several minutes, wondering what I should do. I ultimately decided to wait a day before helping him, just to let him know that I denied his friendship requests, and left. This was his mistake, and I don't appreciate being harassed and threatened for what was his mistake.

For people keeping score, he's from France.

So I just now got this PM from him:
[21:42] Jerk-of-a-Newb: ok you don't want to give me an other drakken to 1400L,so I'll report you to the website directly to the bulder of SL

So I finally replied to him with:

I do not respond well to threats and harassment. You can feel free to report me to Linden Labs. I can report you for abusing the Friendship ability, harassment, and threatening another resident of SecondLife. If you would like to apologize, I might reconsider helping you in this situation.

All I want. An apology. They're free, right? Talk is cheap. He screwed up, he harassed and threatened me. All I want is an apology. This is what I got.

[21:52] Jerk-of-a-Newb: if you want ID on't report you you don't report me but give me the dragon AV,I have pay

Can't even do that.

So he gets to wait another day. I'm very tempted to just pay him back and tell him never to buy from us again.

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