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Repetitive Ain't It?

[11:46] AnotherSLJerk: umm
[11:46] AnotherSLJerk: i paid 1500 l for an av but i never got it
[11:47] AnotherSLJerk: and it would kinda help if i either got my av or my money back
[11:47] AnotherSLJerk: so yeah

I replied almost immediately with:

"What avatar did you try to buy?"

I wasn't on SL at the time, but I could send PMs back via email.

[11:49] AnotherSLJerk: if i could get the av it would really help
[11:49] AnotherSLJerk: so yeah
[11:49] AnotherSLJerk: and if i dont
[11:49] AnotherSLJerk: i will report you

At first I thought they had me on mute. But no, they responded right after they did their flip out and threaten procedure.

My reply: Yes, thank you for senselessly threatening me. If you keep up with the SL blog you'll see there's some system instability at work here. I don't appreciate being threatened.

I'm really getting sick of people threatening me.

[11:53] AnotherSLJerk: the tawney cyote
[11:53] AnotherSLJerk: so yeah
[11:54] AnotherSLJerk: so if you could give me the av it would be cool

Sure. Pretty quick I'm going to start 'threatening' to report these people for 'harassment' for 'threatening me'.

Oh wow, they can be taught!

11:56] AnotherSLJerk: im sorry

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