Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Are there any artists that...

I'm working on a new layout for Kaerwyn's site. With the site, we need new character images that rotate.

I'm curious if there are any artists reading this that would be interested in selling these character images to our players? Now before you say yes, I have not asked our players if they would be willing to pay for this service. So even if you say "Yes I can do these," you might not get any business from it.

Basically we just need small images, no wider than 200px and no taller than 500px. They need to be transparent gifs with no halos. No animations. If you've done wolfhome posts (or similiar pics) then you can do this no problem.

Here's some that I've done to give you ideas.

So if you ARE interested: Reply to this saying you are, and how much you'd charge. To give you some ideas, it only took me about an hour to make these pics (Starting with the sketch and coloring). They do need to be digitally colored, with the little blue backlight on the side. The site's BG is black.

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