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Don't do this: Scambusters

So, having a pretty big shop on SL, we get a lot of customer issues. We also get quite a few people trying to scam us.

If anyone has a problem with stuff, if you calmly approach us about it, we'll try to help you. If you get in our face, however, things might be different.

Here's a customer that poor Fore had to deal with. I removed the name to protect the inane.

First, he sent me this PM:
[23:10] ScamArtist: refund of 2800L please NO EXUSES

Okay so, flags raise. SL failed transactions are /very/ common, so that was my first reaction. I immediately check our records. He hasn't bought anything since '06. I immediately check the SL Transactions page (For just incase a vendor broke down). Nothing. So what could this guy possibly want?
I sick Fore after him.

23:17] Forefox Rolls: Hello [Scam]. You sent a very ambiguous message to Jakkal Dingo. What is the reason for your unwarranted demands?
[23:18] ScamArtist: umm..well i suppose its cause i sent so much linden on the avs and they all failed like they were all empty boxs

Advice to anyone reading this: If you bought something and it kersploded as SL is known to do, tell us specifically what avatar you have and that you need another copy. We will send it to you as soon as we can.

Being very vague and demanding money immediately made us think one thing: Scam.

[23:18] Forefox Rolls: Where did this occur?
[23:18] ScamArtist: ageas ago back in 06

So why wait til now to tell us?

[23:19] Forefox Rolls: Has this issue already been addressed back then? Two years is a long time.
[23:20] ScamArtist: no it has not

I check my PMs (If it went into my email, I should have had a copy). But I had nothing from him about this. As far as I'm concerned, he never tried to rectify this. In addition, the avatars he bought have no-mod boxes. How were they empty? Sure it could be an SL bug, but all he had to do was ask for copies. Demanding money back? Scam.

[23:21] Forefox Rolls: Do you have any proof of the transactions to Jakkal Dingo of any of the purchases? The avatars that Jakkal sells are not empty boxes.
[23:21] ScamArtist: proof as in?
[23:22] Forefox Rolls: Transaction data of the purchase.
[23:22] ScamArtist: aas in the folderS?

In some cases the boxes will do, as long as they say I'm the creator.

[23:23] Forefox Rolls: No, as in going to the SL website and finding the transaction history of the purchase. If you don't keep records of them, they are deleted periodically
[23:23] ScamArtist: well it was on nov 15 2006

The SL Transactions page only keeps records for a month. You *must* resolve issues within that month if it's a failed delivery or a money-refund issue (Which is usually a failed delivery or a double purchase).

[23:24] Forefox Rolls: I'm sorry Seth, but if there is no way to prove the transaction occured to Jakkal Dingo then there isn't much more that can be done about it.
[23:25] ScamArtist: o...k
[23:26] ScamArtist: cant i atleast have 500L back

Clearly if he's willing to lower his price from "No exuses" [sic], then he was only interested in the money in the first place. Hint, you can buy Lindens like everyone else does.

[23:29] Forefox Rolls: I'm sorry, but there isn't anything that can be done about it without proof of transaction. Jakkal Dingo is in no way obliged to send any amount.
[23:29] ScamArtist: "greed will emprision us all"

This was great, as if he's trying to say we're greedy because we won't give him any money back. Let's look at how this works. You pay vendor for a product. You get that product. We have fulfilled our end of the exchange. You then demand money back, but you got your product. Who is being greedy and unfair? Again, if you had a problem, we would work with you to fix it, by sending you new boxes.

So Fore asks me for a witty retort to send to the guy, and I gave him:

[23:34] Forefox Rolls: Pot kettle black.
[23:34] ScamArtist: go away


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