Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Too many contacts...

I finally purged my SL "Friends" list. Which is a "Contacts" list now. I'm glad they renamed it "Contacts" cuz the "Friend" word is too meaningful to really throw around (That and people get /really/ pissed off if you 'unfriend' them, as if it were a personal attack.)

I removed 90 names. Mostly they're people I met in passing when I was new, and never heard from them again. Mostly they're people I really don't know at all. It's annoying when I need to talk to specific people so I have to page through my huge 'friends' list.

Anyway, if anyone got the boot, (I'm not sure if it tells you or not), it's nothing personal. But I don't use SL for chatting, really, certainly not in PM, and there are people I *really* need to keep contacts with one there. So yeah, it's 'business'.

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