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So far, whenever I do a search for BT related stuff, I just shudder. Lots of people apparently want to play Kaetif, or RP on Raekarta, or blahblahblah. Like typical Mary Sues they Fuck Everything Up™.

Almost every character I've ever seen from the BTverse has been a Kaetif with the art. If they aren't a Kaetif with the art, then they're human/kaetif shifters. Apparently people just don't understand that BT is my world, so my character gets to be the Mary Sueish "Only One".

Also, it really annoys me when I see descriptions for BT and such where either the Kaetif, or Issac, or Theropos gets all the glory. To many people BT is about the Kaetif struggle, apparently. It's not about this chick named Lorelei at all.

I wonder if writing up some rules/guidelines for RPing would help, though chances are I doubt it.

But here's some easy to go by rules:

1. Order characters don't suddenly become Kaetif, like it, and stay that way. If they made it through the Order to get an Artstream, they've been propaganda-ed into believing that being Kaetif is a hideous insult.

2. Kaetif don't know the art. Kaetif don't know the art. Kaetif don't know the art.

3. No, you can't be a shifter.

4. No, you can't be immortal.

5. Despite popular belief, Kaetif are not better than humans at everything. I made a post about Kaetif Misconceptions Here.

Oh and this started after I found this horrid abomination of the BTverse http://server.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic_raw.php?t=120503 (Way to metagame by the way. I'd like to know how their super awesome computers could tell them all the answers).
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