Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Hypocrisy ftw!

So once upon a time, a person was banned from Kaerwyn for harassing people.

We told him, four times, to stop harassing people. We temp banned him, for harassing people. We told him if he continued that he would be permanently removed.

He continued.

The amusing thing is, it's been several months since he was banned. Yet every now and then, he pokes me.

And get this! In his forum PMs, where I haven't banned him /yet/, he insults and jabs at me. He also demands that I prove that he's harassing me.

Yes, you read it right. He's harassing me to prove he harassed others. I've just been ignoring him, and pasting his PMs to show my friends, get a good laugh in at his expense.

I thought I'd share with you the funniest part of the last PM:

You know I'm right in the fact that I didn't harass anyone. The only reason you haven't done anything to prove that I did is because you can't. You just don't want to be proven wrong because God help the day the ever powerful Jakkal is wrong about something. I dare you to prove me wrong because so far I'm right and there's nothing you've done to change my mind.

I finally sent to him the definition of the word "hypocrite". I'm sure he'll ignore that just like I told him to look up "harassment".

Maybe next time I'll just reply with "The proof is in the pudding."

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