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You know, I definitely believe in luck. I just think some people are lucky in certain aspects and some people are unlucky in other aspects. I think overall I'm a pretty lucky person. I think I have THE MOST SHIT POOR LUCK with machines though. I've never liked using anything mechanical, even when I'm cooking, I prefer to do things the old fashioned way. Ok yes, smartasses, I use an oven, but prepping is all.. well anyway. Somehow I made SO's site take a shit, all I did was log in. Go figure. With it, went the new service bots I set up just a few days ago... which incidently coincided with Wayah.net's host taking a royal shit and a week long up and down game of "We have to reinstall linux." Idiots. And to add insult to injury, Kaerwyn's forums, which we rely on for character sheets n shit, have taken a royal (memory) dump. I should say "Fuck modern conveniences" and become a hermitess in the mountains... To which I'd do a slow painful starving death since there's no way in hell I'd survive :P

People wonder why I haven't been coming on irc lately. Everything stays -stable- when I stay off 'em :P

In other news, my knees are healing... well my left knee is pussing something awful, even tho I keep putting ointment on it. Oh well. Oh how did I get said injuries you ask? I Tripped while taking out two huge bags of garbage to the dumpster. My hiking boots have the metal holds on them, and one boot's hooks grabbed the other boot's lace and down I went. This isn't the first time it's happened, but in the past I've been able to kick my foot lose before I fell flat on my face. Well actually I managed to dump the bags and catch myself, but not before smacking my knees right on the concrete. I was wearing long jeans, which amazingly, didn't rip. But they gave me two friction burns that immediately turned into blood blisters and then popped. For a couple of days there I could barely bend my knee. Sucks.

Let's see, what else. I've been invited to attend the Raleigh "Auto Show in Motion." This is apparently a new thing that GM is starting up to promote their vehicles and get a heads-up on the competition. This "show" is basically one where they give you the keys to any of 150 GM vehicles, from the Corvette, to the SSR, to the Malibus and the new Pontiac GTOs (DROOL). I'm really looking forward to beating the shit out of brand new cars and flying over mounds of dirt in brand new hummers and Chevy trucks. More on that on May 8th, when it takes place.

s'all for now.

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